ASIC (Australia) Regulated Cryptocurrency Broker: AxiTrader Goes Beyond Offering the Best Trading Conditions to Its Traders – An AxiTrader Review

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AxiTrader Review

When you want to choose the best broker, one of the first things you look at is the trading conditions. Of course, as a trader, you want your broker to create favorable trading conditions. When referring to the term “favorable trading conditions” it means that the trader is able to execute profitable trades with ease and without any unnecessary barriers. However, the best brokers on the internet take their services beyond this. They already have great trading conditions but they spend some time on making their platform safe for their traders as well. You can’t really admire the trading conditions when your money and information are not safe with your broker.



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Let’s see how AxiTrader takes its service beyond offering great trading conditions.

Features That Make AxiTrader’s Service Unmatchable

Availability of Cryptocurrency Market

There are hundreds of different online brokers that you can sign up with. However, most of the times you are only able to trade commodities, stocks, indices, and currency pairs with them. What if you want to trade cryptocurrencies and benefit from the fluctuations in the digital coin market? After all, it is one of the biggest and fast emerging markets of the world today. When you sign up with AxiTrader, you now have access to this market. At the moment, you can only trade Bitcoin against some of the biggest currencies of the world. You can only expect the options to get more flexible with the passage of time.

One of the things you have to know here is that you will be trading in the cryptocurrency market in the form of CFDs. CFD trading means that you will not have to buy Bitcoins to trade them. There is a huge advantage in doing that. If you buy Bitcoin, you have to pay a huge GST on the purchase. On the other hand, there is no GST for Australian traders to pay when they trade Bitcoin in the form of CFD. Not to mention, you can trade in this market without requiring any digital wallet. Last but not least, you still have a huge leverage on your trades when you trade Bitcoin with AxiTrader. Most other brokers are not offering any leverages when you trade any digital coins.

Regulation from ASIC

This particular point should matter to you the most if you live in Australia. When you search the website of an online broker, you often find information about regulation. The issue with regulation of most other brokers is that they get regulated by entities that you have no idea about. In most cases, you have never heard of the regulating authority. If you haven’t even heard of a regulating body and it does not exist in your country, how can you expect anything from it? With AxiTrader, you can rest assured that the broker is regulated by ASIC i.e. Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

An Industry-leading Platform

In addition to the trading conditions, you also have to look at the trading platform that you will be given access to with a broker. With AxiTrader, the platform you will be using is MetaTrader 4. If you don’t know already, MetaTrader 4 is the best and industry leading platform. This particular platform is used around the world by brokers and traders. It offers flexibility, customization, and ease of use. These are factors that matter the most to the traders. The best thing is that the broker is willing to offer you the option of VPS as well.

With this particular option, you can use the services of a third party to access your trading platform. This is to ensure that you don’t have to face any connectivity issues when trading. Keep in mind that a lot of trades can end undesirably only because the trading platform is delaying in executing your orders.

Safety of Your Funds

You would never want to deposit your funds with a broker that cannot take care of your money. Is there any broker that cannot take care of the money you deposit? Well, a broker will never tell you on its own that it is doing something that’s not in your favor. In the end, it is you who has to find out about that. When your broker is being regulated by the right authorities such as ASIC in this particular case, it will ensure that your money goes in safe accounts. The first measure that a broker has to take in this regard is to put your money in separate accounts from the accounts of the company. The right broker will never mix your funds with its own funds in any way. Since AxiTrader is ASIC regulated, you can rest assured that the broker is saving your money in separate accounts.

Ease of Signup

One of the things new traders expect from the brokers is the ease of signup. How can a broker make signup difficult for its traders? There are many ways for the broker to do it. First, it will make the initial deposit requirement difficult. Contrary to that, AxiTrader makes account opening a breeze for new traders as it requires no minimum deposit from its traders. In addition to that, you can enjoy leverages of 1:400 on your trades. To sweeten things up a bit more, you are not going to pay any commission to the broker on your trades. The spreads are there for you to see before you enter a trade. Last but not least, you can try a demo account with the broker for a month before you go live.

Bottom Line

It should be clear for you that there are a lot of other things that matter in addition to the flexible trading conditions. AxiTrader has already taken care of the trading conditions well. It makes trading easy for new traders and gives them full opportunity to make money off their trades. However, the broker goes the extra mile when it lets its traders trade Bitcoin without any GST. It also offers huge leverages for the traders to execute huge cryptocurrency trades and amplify their profits. ASIC regulation is probably the best news for anyone joining this broker from Australia.



Free to use

88% Claimed win-rate
$250 Min Deposit
Accepts Debit and Credit Card
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