Crypto Wallets: SwissCryptoVault – A Review Of The Hyper Secure Cold Storage by “Swiss Crypto Vault”

Swiss Crypto Vault Review

The SwissCryptoVault is a hyper-secure cryptocurrency vault that is based on blockchain technology and makes use of the top IT and physical security, multi signing features, multi-party segregation and cryptographic features to assure investors and marketers in the cryptocurrency market of the maximum security and protection of their crypto assets.


The platform offers stakeholders in the cryptocurrency market the opportunity to deposit their crypto assets in the platform for maximum security of such assets which can be later accessed through the platform’s very much user-friendly web portal and as such, they can withdraw their assets at any time and from anywhere around the world. The platform sends account notifications to its clients via email or SMS depending on the choice of customers.

How The SwissCryptoVault Works

Deposits and transferring or withdrawal of assets in the platform involves three steps which are:

  • The first step: here, the clients make a request, and it is being verified by both the client’s chosen handling partner and the Swiss crypto vault
  • The second step: this step involves getting the client’s controller informed of the request via a mail or SMS.
  • The third step: in this step, all the parties who are meant to approve the request do so, and the money is being released to the blockchain.

Some of the currencies approved by the platform are litecoin, bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold, ether, bitcoin, plus all the ERC20 and ERC223 amongst a host of other currencies.

Layers Of The Swiss Crypto Vault Security

The Swiss Crypto Vault ensures the security of clients’ crypto assets using a combination of the highest standard of technologies in multi-party segregation, IT and physical security, cryptography, multi signing features and many more others.

It also features an independent third party review for its implementations. These multiple layers of security give assurance for the maximum protection of the clients’ assets with the platform.


With this maximum security technology which was established as a result of a partnership between Bitcoin Suisse AG and Swiss Gold Safe AG, investors, marketers and other stake holders in the cryptocurrency market can now worry less about the safety of their crypto assets, rest assured that the maximum security of such assets is guaranteed.

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