Hiring Smardis by Oren Giditz for Blockchain Start Up Call Center and Tech Support Services – Is It the Right Decision?

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One of the biggest issues that companies face when they outsource call center and technical support services is regretting the decision. The regret comes not from outsourcing per se, but from the fact that they end up picking a company with subpar call center services. On the other hand, you have Smardis LTD whose number of happy customers is increasing with every passing day. What is Smardis doing right to garner such loyalty from its customers? More importantly, will it be the right decision for you to hire Smardis SR for your call center and technical support services? Let’s find out:

Analyzing Smardis as a Call Center and Technical Support Service

Does It Provide Outbound and Inbound Services?

One of the most important things you have to look at before hiring a call center service is if it provides outbound and inbound services. If you are considering outsourcing call center processes, it is best to give the experts of the industry the full command. However, not all call centers can provide you with inbound and outbound services. Smardis LTD, on the other hand, has both these services available in its arsenal. Whether you want to receive your existing customers’ calls for technical support or call-call prospects to increase your sales, Smardis SR can deliver. This makes Smardis quite a viable solution for thousands of small, medium, and large companies out there.

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Does It Go beyond the Traditional Telephonic Support?

Customer support on the phone is an outdated idea now. Of course, telephonic conversations are not coming to an end at all, but you now have dozens of other ways for customers to contact a company. A call center that only takes care of the phone calls from your customers will not cut it for you. Will you then hire another company for chat support and yet another company for email support? You have to find a solution wherein you can find all types of support services in one place. Doing this saves you money and brings consistency in your customer experience.

Once again, Smardis LTD by Oren Giditz takes care of all the aspects of call center services. Whether you want to answer your customer’s call, greet them on the website through a chat window or respond to their emails instantly, Smardis SR covers all ground pretty well.

Can It Handle Inbound Call Surges?

Many businesses overlook this particular factor entirely. They don’t even have this factor in their mind when they hire a call center and technical support service. Call surge is common in call centers. When you run a marketing campaign, you have to expect customers calling in to inquire more about your services. When this sudden hike in call rate occurs, you have to have enough people sitting on their seats and taking care of the inbound calls to minimize the number of unattended calls as much as possible. Imagine a situation where 50% of the calls are being wasted because of a low headcount.

As a business that has outsourced its call center services, 50% unattended calls are more like 50% loss in revenue. So, what you want is your call center service to accommodate your call hikes efficiently. Smardis has proved itself as one of the best in this area as well. Smardis LTD customers are happy with its performance in the toughest of times when calls are pouring down like a heavy rainfall.

Can It Take Care of Multi-language Support?

Again, you cannot stick to the standards from a decade ago while choosing a call center and technical support service. Even online services like Google now believe that it cannot serve everyone in English. More and more companies are personalizing their marketing initiatives by translating their social media posts into native languages of their target audiences. They have different versions of their websites to cater to the many areas they serve around the world. For that reason, it does not make sense for a company to offer its customer support and technical support in English only.

If you are a company with its operations and target audience in multiple countries, you have to make sure to offer your call center services in multiple languages. However, you do not have to hire multiple companies to serve multiple regions. The best solution to this problem is to hire a service that provides multi-lingual call center support. Smardis SR will serve you well here. Its multi-lingual call center service is second to none. Smardis can add more resources to serve your target audience on request as well.

Does It Allow Any Form or Auditing?

Unless you are a part of the process, you can never know the truth. Just because you have outsourced a process of your business does not mean you have lost complete control of it. With an outsourced technical support and call center service, you have to have a way to monitor the performance of the agents. You have to see if the decision of outsourcing has proved to be a good one for you. While customer experience is one of the aims, you can’t ignore the fact the outsourcing your call center is also a way of saving you money on this process.

Smardis LTD by Oren Giditz gives you complete control of your customer and technical support services even after you have outsourced them. You receive regular reports of the total number of calls, attended calls, unattended calls, converted calls, headcount, number of login hours, etc. In addition to that, Smardis also allows you to monitor the agents in real-time so you know they are doing their job diligently.

Bottom Line

It is not easy to give another company one of the most critical processes of your business. However, when you do, you have to be sure that you are getting a positive outcome from it. Smardis SR gives you the peace of mind that you need as a company that’s outsourcing its technical support and call center service. With a high-end VoIP setup, qualified support staff, flexible payment plans, and versatile call center services, hiring Smardis is definitely a good decision.

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