IMpulse K1 Smartphone Is Fighting For Your Data Privacy

Data privacy has always been of the utmost importance. It’s the reason individuals put locks on file organizers and rent safety deposit boxes at their banks. With a greater amount of our information moving toward becoming digitized, and as we’re sharing more data on the web, information security is taking on more significance.

A single organization may have the individual data of millions of clients — information that it needs to keep private so that clients’ personalities remain as sheltered and secured as could be achievable, and the organization’s reputation stays clean. But do these corporations really care about their users’ data? Can we trust the companies who report data breaches almost every day?

KaratGold decided to engage in a fight for your personal data privacy and launched its cyber-protected IMpulse K1 Phone.

IMpulse K1 smartphone’s main feature is native VoBP (Voice-over-Blockchain Protocol) support. Its users can securely communicate voice messages as well as text, media and docs through a decentralized peer-to-peer network. The serverless architecture safeguards your information from hackers and other third parties. End-to-end encryption adds another layer of protection for your life on the web.

IMpulse K1 is designed to shield its users’ presence online while browsing the internet, doing banking transactions, socializing, sending emails or simply chatting. Security features like IPFS Storage, Matrix ID, Electronic Warfare Transmitted Location, Worm Guard and R-Link turn the smartphone into a portable safe box. And the best part is it still provides a user-friendly experience while taking a serious approach to privacy.

The team behind Karatbars builds IMpulse K1 Phones as a part of a large K-Universe – the global infrastructure of interconnected products and services for instant cross-border value transfers in the new blockchain-based economy. Fueled by KaratGold Coin (KBC) — Karat’s own cryptocurrency — the ecosystem aims to become a bridge between conventional and blockchain-powered financial systems. The advantages of KBC are already recognized by top blockchain influencers. John McAfee stated in his Twitter: “KBC coin is linked to gold in a way that downside is limited, while upside is unlimited.”

The IMpulse K1 Phones come in three finishes: Gold Transparent, Black Carbon and Pixel Army. To find the specifications of the new devices, as well as the descriptions of three varieties made of golden aluminum and glass, carbon fiber or kevlar texture, one can visit the official website. The gadgets might seem pricey, but the value you get totally outweighs the investment.

The smartphones are available for pre-order and are expected to start shipping later this year.

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