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CoinMarketCap CEO Steps Down as Binance Acquires Cryptocurrency Outfit

CoinMarketCap – Binance Leading cryptocurrency outfit Binance made an official announcement today on it’s website that it had acquired one of the global heavyweight coin…

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Folgory Review – Does Fologry Exchange Really Make Trading Easy?

Folgory Exchange Review The gradual evolution of the internet age has seen a lot of changes in every aspect of our daily lives and the…

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Opera Browser Enable Users From all EU Countries to Buy Bitcoin and ETH Via Built-in Wallet

Opera Crypto Wallet Opera browser added the functionality of buying cryptocurrency for all European countries and four other countries, including New Zealand, Switzerland, Mexico, and…

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Ripple is Planning for the ‘’Next Generation Trading Platform’’

RippleNet XRP On-Demand Liquidity Ripple, the owner of the second-largest digital asset, gives a hint to launch the trading platform integrated with the native cryptocurrency…

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Gemini CEO Tyler Winklevoss and Gabor Gurbacs Refer to Bitcoin as “Vaccine”

Bitcoin “Vaccine”   Both Tyler Winklevoss and Gabor Gurbacs have the same opinion about the leading digital asset Bitcoin and consider it the “Vaccine”.  The Co-Founder and CEO of…

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