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Coinbase CEO Illustrates the Areas of Development That Can Drive Crypto’s Growth From 50 Million to 5 Billion Users

There are currently around 50 million crypto users in the world. However, Brian Armstrong the CEO of the major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase believes that this…

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Upcoming Bitcoin Cash’s Halving Will Affect Its Network How? See What Analysts Say

Bitcoin Cash Halving The halving of the fourth largest network Bitcoin Cash is expected to happen in April. In this halving, Bitcoin Cash aims to…

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Bittrex Review
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Hiring Smardis by Oren Giditz for Blockchain Start Up Call Center and Tech Support Services – Is It the Right Decision?

One of the biggest issues that companies face when they outsource call center and technical support services is regretting the decision. The regret comes not…

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How Do Cryptocurrency Blockchains Really Work?

Most of us simply know it as the technology behind the highly popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, but the reality is that blockchain’s usefulness isn’t just limited…

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