XTRgate Review: Mastering Cryptocurrency Trading to Make Huge Returns

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XTRgate Review

As regulation of cryptocurrencies is still a prominent issue these days, people who wish to invest in the industry are looking for reliable options. When you are putting your hard-earned money into this trading instrument, you don’t want to use a broker that’s unreliable and lacks appropriate security measures. You obviously want fast trading execution and better security and many brokers will claim to offer it. However, no broker is going to highlight their own flaws and downsides so you need to do your own research. You will come across the name of XTRgate, a platform that has been especially developed for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading.

XTRgate is a sophisticated and innovative brokerage that offers impeccable service to traders all over the globe. They have provided an all-in-one package to anyone who is interested in crypto trading, whether they are a beginner or an advanced trader. With this broker, you will be able to enjoy a rounded and profitable trading experience as you will find everything you need, right in one place. How does this broker accomplish this? Check out some of its offerings:

Trading Platform

Your trading execution and ease of trading depends on the platform that the broker has to offer. Knowing this, XTRgate has chosen to go with a proprietary web-based trading platform that’s equipped with some of the most cutting edge tools and features you can find anywhere. The best part about this platform is that it can be accessed on any device if it has a web browser. You can easily get access to it via XTRgate’s website.

It is very easy to navigate and you will have no trouble in executing your trades. The platform has been designed especially for crypto trading and it is a combination of simplicity and modernism, which makes it intuitive and easy to use. It has numerous built-in tools and features that enable both beginners and experienced traders to use it without much hassle.

Asset Availability

As stated earlier, XTRgate is a broker for cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading, which means it offers you several crypto CFDs to trade in the market. You will be able to trade some popular crypto pairs, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple and the broker has also added some less popular ones, such as Litecoin, Monero, IOTA and others. This is a great feature because it gives you access to multiple assets on one trading platform, something that’s not easily available. Most brokers choose to focus only on a handful of cryptocurrencies, but XTRgate has chosen to offer more variety to its traders.

Leverage and Spreads

The leverage and spreads are of the utmost importance because they have an impact on your profits and ability to trade. Therefore, this is an aspect that you cannot ignore and XTRgate has excelled in this regard. The leverage you can get will depend on what cryptocurrency pairs you wish to trade; some pairs have a leverage of 1:2, some have 1:5 and others even go as high as 1:20. As far as spreads are concerned, they are between 0.1 and 0.2 pips for most cryptocurrency pairs, which is also a good thing because it helps you earn as much as possible. Other than that, XTRgate has a zero commission policy and don’t have any other trading fee applicable, which keeps your costs low.

Account Types

Every broker offers some account options to traders from which they can choose one that suits their trading needs. XTRgate has done the same, only it has gone for more variety here as well. Instead of the standard three option, the broker has a total of six account choices for its traders. The account options begin at Basic account, which you can open for $250, the Bronze account for $10,000, the Silver account for $25,000, the Gold Account for $50,000 and the Platinum account for $250,000. You can choose an account depending on how much you are able to deposit.

There is also an option called the Black account, which has some requirements that have to be met first and is only offered to VIP traders. The features that you can get will depend on what account type you choose when signing up with XTRgate. There are some common offerings, such as trading tools, price alerts, trading signals, access to the education center, PRO webinars, 24/6 customer support and Daily Market Review. However, there are some that are account specific like personalized strategy, personal account managers, expert traders, 1-on-1 training and more.

Deposits and Withdrawals

XTRgate aims to make banking convenient and easy for its clients and so they have added a number of options on their platform. You can go with debit or credit card, bank wire transfer or even use e-wallets, such as Skrill and Neteller for making and withdrawing payments. Registration is done for free, but a minimum deposit of $250 has to be made to start trading. There are no deposit fees applicable, no matter what payment method you choose.

As for withdrawals, you can use any of the methods mentioned above free of cost, with the exception of bank wire transfer. Also, the withdrawal request will take at least three days for approval and your account needs to be verified for it to be processed.

Customer Support

This is one of the most important features of a broker and XTRgate has ensured that they have a professional and quick team working to provide assistance to its traders. There are several channels that can be used for getting in touch, such as live chat, email and phone. They are very responsive and will get back to you quickly.

Final Thoughts

XTRgate is a comprehensive cryptocurrency broker that’s offering its services to traders from different backgrounds, ranging from newcomers to professionals. It is following the highest industry standards and is providing a wide array of features and tools that can be immensely useful in crypto trading.

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