Initial Coin Offerings: XcelToken, a Blockchain Utility Token


Innovation is what would make you successful. Being innovative and forward thinking always assures an indigenous and effective development. One such innovation in the travel sector is the recently launched XcelToken. XcelTrip is a visionary planned for a purpose. It lets you reap the benefits of decentralised marketplace and pass on the benefits to its users. What exactly is XcelTrip and XcelToken and what would it offer you? We will find out in the following paragraphs.

XcelTrip Launches XcelToken for the Best Travel Experience

Well, XcelTrip is a self-funded blockchain based decentralised travel start-up.
It is indeed a  Decentralised Travel Ecosystem(DTE).

The company will make a beginning through the traditional mode of function as of now. It will later on move towards the complete blockchain based model. The service will introduce the Blockchain technology in an evolving process. It is set to revolutionise the OTA industry ultimately.

What Are The Benefits of XcelTrip?

Well, the travel industry suffers from the high costs and fees. The travel and tourism industry charges cumulative margin as high as 25% from the vendors. This results in exorbitant charges levied to the traveller.

XcelTrip introduces the concept of Blockchain technology for solving these issues. The planned travel ecosystem seeks to introduce the Blockchain based tools and components. These tools would reduce the costs involved in reservation systems and settlements. This will make it secure and affordable for the travellers. It will also help travellers indulge in whatever they want to indulge in. The options include spas, nightlife, restaurants and other interesting options on the way.

XcelTrip uses the Blockchain and Tokenomics on both the web and mobile platforms. This will help in adding more functionality to the existing OTA processes. XcelTrip has designed the concept to add a great evolution, retention and functions in the system.  This will  bring a change in the way the travel industry has been serving its customers.

XcelToken – Revolutionising The Travel Industry

In fact, XcelTrip will change the face of travel industry with Blockchain technology. The company has launched XcelToken that you can use for using the features of XcelTrip.

The XcelToken has gone on sale on March 15, 2018. XcelTrip system receives backing from the prestigious VCs, Hedge Fund Manager, Blockchain community and bitcoin enthusiasts worldwide. You can make use of the XcelToken for buying air tickets and hotel bookings. The crypto coin would be available for use on the platform from the mid-2018. The XcelToken cryptocurrency will power the XcelTrip and its services. The company has already launched the Blockchain based decentralized engine for hotel and flight booking. The service is launched in February, 2018.

X-celToken, a Blockchain utility Token; expected to raise $30 millions. X-celtrip has already raised $7.5 millions in public sale is now expecting to raise $30 millions before 15th May,2018.

The Future Ahead

Well, XcelTrip is not just a travel company. It plans offering you an interactive service offering all travel related services in an interactive way.

The travel platform believes in a core value of offering you the option of earning while you travel. Participating in the XcelTrip decentralised travel ecosystem helps you save money and earn extra rewards. The tokens would be sold between March 20 to May 14 in Asia, Europe, Africa and Latin America. The initial token sale will offer the investors a 20 percent bonus. Later on the token will be registered with the exchanges. The exact pricing of the tokens will be decided by the market trends at the time.

XcelTrip has planned an innovative and progressive approach for travellers. It offers income opportunity for them and calls them partners. The service currently offers hotel bookings and air tickets. The company is set to foray into a wider array of operations like vehicle rental, insurance and restaurants.

The Concluding Thoughts

XcelTrip is indeed an innovator in the travel booking arena. The travel industry is being revolutionised and it has a lot to offer its customers. We would definitely conclude that the service is set to disrupt how the travel industry works.

Are you someone involved in the travel industry as a traveller or a service provider? We would definitely expect you to be part of the XcelTrip. Stand to earn better rewards with XcelTrip. It is a unique and refreshing alternative to the existing online travel aggregators.  Get away from the fee driven structure and opt for the best infrastructure.

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