CryptoCurrency Magazine: [2 Minute Video Debate] Here’s Why Initial Coin Offerings Might Be a Scam

FORTUNE TECH 2 Minute Video Debate
Writer Jeff John Roberts Says That %99.9 of ICOs Are Scams!

Jeff John Roberts: law and journalism


Jeff John Roberts explains the intersection of law, culture and new technologies. He writes about IP, blockchain and cyber security for Fortune, and his work has appeared in a variety of other outlets, including BusinessWeekReutersFortune and the New York Times. In 2016, he finished a Knight-Bagehot Fellowship at Columbia Business School.

He covers subjects like patent reform, blockchain technology, hacking and privacy in the age of Facebook. His ebook offers the first behind-the-scenes account of Google’s book-scanning project.

Jeff is an authority on copyright and other intellectual property issues, and is licensed to practice law in New York and Ontario. He frequently appears on radio and TV programs to share perspectives on subjects like technology, new media and Google.

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