The Future Of Money – ICO Advice From An Investor

We all have a collection of online wallets – PayPal, Stripe, Realex – but we are still dependant on a Withdraw button to send money to our banks.

Why? Why do we pay for a basic service and allow them to cash in again on our collective value?

The top of the pyramid has always speculated with our funds, taken excessive risks, and rewarded themselves handsomely year on year.

They monitor our every transaction, while embodying the common sense of an unaccompanied toddler in a sweet shop. Collapse is predictable.

The top will emerge wealthy and unscathed, reliant on us to pick up the pieces.

We have witnessed crashes, wobbles and uncertainties, and government debt that created a division akin to civil war.

As long as we are allowing banks and governments to handle our financial ins and outs – This song will play on repeat.

I don’t know what the future of loans and mortgages looks like, but it’s not a giant leap to imagine alternative creditors remotely calculating your dependency and repayment capacity.

It’s already happening on a smaller scale. It’s not a leap but just a few steps to a world where currency is purely electronic.

Early Bitcoin investors are already cashing in. I know this from my own experience as I was able to pay off my mortgage early.

I struggled in the beginning trying to understand how cryptocoins could have any liquid value.

I only invested in Bitcoin after a colleague explained blockchain technology while we were waiting for our coffee order (diagrams on napkins helped).

Cryptocurrency isn’t the “Next Generation” of money, or currency, or banking.

It’s This Generation!

In a few years, paying with cryptocurrency will be accepted as the new normal.

You may not have been onboard the good ship Bitcoin at the right time, but it’s not the only crypto that will see such exciting ascension.

This good news comes a word of warning – Don’t buy in to just any ICO.

Seek out a good business plan and research the company founders.

Check out the white papers fully. Ask yourself, is this a business model you can get behind?

Does it offer liquidity, and if so, when?

Swot up, buckle up, and prepare for some potential graph rollercoastering.

Last week I invested in Cloud Tokens. Not whale big, but $50k big.

Decentralized Cloud Platform
Decentralized Cloud Platform

They aren’t waiting for the ICO crowdfunding to start building their tech – A good indication for a serious startup.

Their goal is to decentralize cloud services, and enable everyone that sets up a GridNode to earn tokens by donating redundant computing resources.

I performed a risk assessment, of course – $50k is not small change.

What appealed to me first was the offer to buy back of tokens every quarter. If it’s not working out, I can withdraw my investment.

This is the only time I have ever seen this offered, and I will be looking for this in every crypto investment moving forward.

Secondly, I was sold on its immediate liquidity. Tokens can be used to buy services as soon as the ICO ends, or exchanged for Bitcoins and USD in the wallet.

If the ICO you’re currently looking to invest in does not offer liquidity in the near future… Ask yourself why.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the business model is exceptional.

I want to fund this, not just for profit, but to actually see this plan brought to life.

Only time will tell if Cloud Tokens will follow in Bitcoins shoes, or if another cryptocurrency is going to take centre stage.

If you hear of another ICO that offers buy back – Buy in, and let me know.

The further and quicker we can move away from government owned banks the better.

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