I’m Not Missing Out This Time: Susan Byers, Age 35 Writes About Cloud Token

Susan Byers, Age 35 Has her own fledgling online business selling clothes and is a regular reader of trending tech news.

Hands up, who else really regretted not buying shares in Mackintosh? If you laughed to yourself after reading the last line, you and I are both of a certain age. I feel the same way about Bitcoin. I sat on the sideline, psyched out by the technical jargon, knowing (by the all the attention that surrounded it) that it was going to be BIG. There have been so many more cryptocurrencies launched since, especially in the last year. I only know this because my tech friends keep clicking thumbs up on ICO articles so they invade my newsfeed. It’s been inescapable!

I started an online business two years ago selling vintage clothes. I watched for trends and imported new stock (little by little) aiming to match my customers expectations.

As my visitor count went up, my website slowed to embarrassing levels, and I had to rethink my server needs. Cloud services are expensive, and if you’re serious about your business there’s only a few service providers you can choose from.

When I first read about Cloud Tokens I knew I wanted to invest right away. Cloud Tokens immediately give you a 50% discount on Amazon Web Services (which I use), and it’s a cryptocurrency that’s funding something far bigger.

Think about how the internet first allowed us to sell our things (eBay), and then our empty rooms (AirBnB), soon we will be able to make money on the spare memory and CPU in our phones, laptops, computers… anything you have that connects to the internet!

By everyone donating their spare services a supercloud will be created. Everyone will earn Cloud Tokens for what they contribute to the cloud, and cloud services will cost less.

The tokens can be exchanged for goods and services, and you can sell them for Bitcoins or USD!

I got in early while it’s only $10 USD a Token, and because the ICO hasn’t ended yet I got a discount too.

I’m not going missing out this time!

I know I may not have explained this very well (it does sound a bit like science fiction), but I recommend you check this out for yourself and take advantage of the low token price while you can.

You can use them as soon as the ICO closes.

Half price cloud services?

Yes please!

If you feel the same as Susan, check out the Cloud token ICO here.

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