ICOs: 1World Tokens’ Initial Coin Offering

1World Interactive Platform is directly aimed at publishers and brands, to deliver monetization opportunities to all those engaged in the platform. To achieve this, 1World will present this year its own cryptocurrency: 1WO Coins or Tokens. With the goal of avoiding all conflicts between Users, Publishers, and Services offered through ads, research, etc., to unify User Experience and Monetization in what they call “a Win-Win-Win model.”

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1World Online / Engagement & Monetization Engine
1World Online / Engagement & Monetization Engine

1World cryptocurrency

Cryptocoins have changed the way we see money nowadays. Just like the gold revolutionised the world once, digital money is breaking barriers and crossing borders directly into the future. Starting with Bitcoin, we are moving into a world that will be completely interconnected, yet free because of the decentralised nature that altcoins have. Cryptocurrencies give us the ability to control our finances, and that is exactly what 1WO tokens will bring us, control.

1world online initial coin offering

1WO is a game changer. This coin circulates inside its own ecosystem, created by 1World Online. This means that all payments will be handled only using these tokens, guaranteeing control and safety to all parties involved. That, of course, is not to say that the tokens can’t be exchanged into fiat and other altcoins, quite the opposite, an internal marketplace will be created for such purposes.


Characteristics of 1WO

  • 160 million 1WO Tokens will be issued, once it reaches that number, there will be no additional emissions.
  • The tokens will endure regarding the growth in the volume of transactions inside the 1World Online ecosystem, making the coin itself grow in market size as well.
  • The size of transactions will never be a problem, as the tokens can be split up to 8th decimal point position


Token Issuance Plan

This project is divided into two stages, on years 2017 and 2018:

During 2017, up to $50M of 1WO Tokens are being sold at $1.00 each, constituting 31% of the shares. Each token sold gives 1 Token for mining to Publishers and Partners (representing 31%), 1 Token for Reserve (representing another 31%), and 0.2 Token to the Team and Advisors (for a remaining 7%).

A public pre-sale will be done from August 31st to September 24th, divided into several dates that will grant users certain discounts:

  • 25% Discount from August 31st to September 6th.
  • 20% Discount from September 6th until September 12th.
  • 15% Discount from September 12th to September 16th.
  • 10% Discount from September 16th until September 24th.

The next stage is the public sale. The time for the Initial Coin Offering will be of one month, starting on September 25th and ending on October 25, and the minimum ICO is set at $5 million. In case the money raised isn’t enough, all money will be returned within one month after the ICO is completed. If on the other hand, tokens issued go through a force majeure occurs, all funds will be returned to buyers within two months.

For 2018 and on, there will be a Periodic Token transition, to support the company growth. This means that the same rules for 2017 regarding 1WO Tokens sale could apply, while a plan to launch new Tier 1 Media Holding is done every quarter, to support the “smooth token growth” model.

So far, the funds received represent $137,837.44 in USD equivalent, and the 1WO Tokens exchange will guarantee revenues to all their users in the following way:

  • Brands will buy tokens to offer payments to publishers, who can later sell them.
  • Publishers can also benefit from ads or donations.
  • Readers receive rewards from engagements, contributions, and paid mini-surveys.

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