Initial Coin Offering: Digital Developers Fund’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Starts Monday, July 10th

In the upcoming token sale, DDF is targeting sale proceeds as high as 247,500 ETH with a cap of 247,500,000 DDF Tokens.

[] – DDF will raise investment funds using an Ethereum-based token sale. In the upcoming token sale, DDF is targeting sale proceeds as high as 247,500 ETH with a cap of 247,500,000 DDF Tokens.

The ICO will commence July 10th, 2017, 10:00 UTC. The Smart Contract address where Ether should be sent to can be found shortly before the ICO here:

Quick Facts About the ICO

The only accepted currency in the ICO is Ether (ETH). DDF Tokens are an ERC20 token.

They can be viewed in any supporting Ethereum wallet, for example,, MIST, Parity, or

ICO participants send Ether to the ICO address that will be published on the DDF website.

The Smart Contract mints DDF tokens instantly and sends them directly to the user’s wallet.

Tokens are then immediately transferrable. 1,000 DDF = 1 ETH How to Prepare for the ICO Convert your funds into Ether and send them to a wallet that supports ERC20 token.

On Monday, go to to find the Smart Contract address.

Caution: Do not send funds to the Smart Contract from an exchange or multi-sig wallet.

You will lose funds this way.

Caution: Do not send funds before the ICO starts and the website clearly announces that the ICO is live.

Join the official Telegram group to keep up with the latest developments:

After the ICO

Immediate after the ICO, DDF Tokens will be tradeable on

The bulk of the Ethereum proceeds from the token sale (70%) will be used directly for portfolio investments.

A further 15% will be used for a reserve fund, and 15% will be used to fund operations.

The first net profit will be distributed September 30th, 2017.

About DDF

Founded as “Domain Developers Fund” under Cayman Islands Mutual Fund Law in 2010, DDF already knows a thing or two about investing in digital assets.

DDF holds 1,540 high-value domain names such as,,, or a portfolio of names (such as or

DDF has already realized chart leading sales, for example, for $170,000 USD. In the past weeks, Blockchain experts like Rune Evensen (from the exchange, Reuben Godfrey (also an advisor to SONM), Ruslan Gavrilyuk (of TAAS) and George Daneliua (zrCoin) have joined DDF’s advisory board.

DDF has also announced a strategic partnership with to list the DDF token on their exchange right after the ICO.

With TAAS, DDF has agreed to use their Crypto Audit to bring further transparency to the fund’s investments.

To learn more, visit DDF at

The DDF vision is to be the premier investment fund for digital assets and to profit from their extraordinary growth potential.


DDF Asset Ltd. 89 Nexus Way Camana Bay Grand Cayman Mark Owen,

Fund Advisor

Company Contact

Company Name DDF Asset Ltd.

Company Address 89 Nexus Way Camana Bay Grand Cayman


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