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Many online betting websites have started to allow deposits of CryptoCurrencies from clients in order to allow their clients to wager bets with BitCoin or other types of Coin from their Crypto wallets.

But some brands are looking beyond using the coins as wagers and are looking at the block-chain technology for the foundation of online gaming.

Some online gaming brands have even had their own ICO.

Last year the “Kibo Lotto” decentralized online lottery based on smart-contracts of Ethereum was launched and this year EDGELESS (Edgeless Ethereum Casino) had their own Initial Coin Offering that raised $2,000,000 – making it the first successful gambling ICO.

Since then many new gambling brands have had their own Initial Coin Offering and at this very moment at least 5 more gaming ICOs are happening.

It seems that the gaming industry wants in on the Crypto market.

CryptoCurrency Gambling and Gaming

Play Online Lotto
Play Online Lotto

Most of the Crypto gaming websites use Bitcoin or Etherium but Edgeless Ethereum Casino standa out as they were the first to have their own ICO.

EDG market cap has soared up to $54,566,083 since Mar 30, 2017 when it started at only $2,000,000.

Their current total supply is 132,046,997 EDG and 24 hr volume today is over half a million USD.

EDG started out at $0.04 per coin and now stands at $0.667 per coin.

Will We Be Seeing More Gaming ICOs?

You can bet we will (pun intended).

The gaming industries are full of giants that have been operating for decades.

Kibo Lotto and Edgeless Ethereum Casino are just a sneak peek at what is to come.

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