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China’s Central Bank Wants to Speed Up the Development of its ‘Legal Digital Currency’

China’s central bank said that it will accelerate the research and development of its “legal digital currency”, according to a statement issued by the People’s…

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China: Shanghai Exiting The Cryptocurrency Trading Market

source By Willie Tan As reported by CCTV news, 17 trading platforms will stop cryptocurrency trading in Shanghai. BTCChina, Binance, SZZC, Lhang, ETCWin, Bitekuang, 51SZZC, Hanbiwang, Bitbill,…

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Cryptocurrency Apps: Blockchain ‘E-Wallet’ App Stokes Bitcoin Industry China Confusion

The appearance of an updated Chinese ‘Blockchain e-Wallet’ on the App Store has added to confusion surrounding authorities’ stance of cryptocurrency. Local news portal cnLedger…

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