3 Crypto Stories That Went Overlooked In 2018

MYfintec Review

2018 will go down as a year that a lot of cryptocurrency supporters and investors will want to forget. In the immediate aftermath of the stunning late-2017 surges, cryptos crashed across the board and stayed down (or sunk lower) throughout 2018. The hope now for those interested in the market […]

LendLedger – Borrowing and Lending Made Easy With Blockchain

While existing intermediaries have attempted to take up a similar role, including the US-based LendingClub, many are inefficient and have limited growth and potential scale. LendLedger network which has has already processed loans to borrowers in 400 cities across India, totalling tens of millions in dollars of loan requests will use […]

How To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency – Launching Your Own Cryptocurrency

Forming Your Cryptocurrency In case you are a coder who is not a professional but have been studying Dogecoin and Bitcoin ardently from the sidelines, as well as all the other cryptocurrencies that are increasingly niche, you may be asking yourself whether it would be useful to you if you […]

Crypto and Big Money – Around %20 Of Finance Companies Are Thinking About Joining The Crypto Market

A survey was carried out by Thomson Reuters on 400 of its clients in the world regarding their perspective on crypto. According to the survey by Thomson Reuters out of 400 firms, 20% of them want to start crypto trading in the coming 12 months. Crypto trading is still a […]

Initial Coin Offerings: XcelToken, a Blockchain Utility Token

XcelToken Innovation is what would make you successful. Being innovative and forward thinking always assures an indigenous and effective development. One such innovation in the travel sector is the recently launched XcelToken. XcelTrip is a visionary planned for a purpose. It lets you reap the benefits of decentralised marketplace and […]