[INFOGRAPHIC] 33 Top Digital Currencies Described In Four Words Or Less

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency   or simply a “digital currency” which was created in 2009 by a pseudonymous person or organisation named Satoshi Nakamoto. They are used for peer to peer online transaction using blockchain technology. Marketplaces known as “bitcoin exchange” are platforms where you can buy and sell bitcoins. These […]

INFOGRAPHIC: Bitcoin And Blockchain – A Step by Step Guide For Beginners

It’s already been nine years since the Bitcoin was released. We have seen headlines of investors who purchased Bitcoin and turned into millionaires in no time. At the same time, its rise, surges, and other issues were closely followed by the public. What Is Bitcoin? Released as an open source […]

INFOGRAPHIC: The Leading Crypto Kings – Crypto Kings Infographic

Crypto Kings Cryptocurrencies seem to be the latest trend in the online world. They are increasingly popular online payment method because of the anonymity and cutting out the middleman that they offer. Today, many people use digital currencies. Some of them, called crypto kings, even managed to make millions out […]