Bitcoin Price India – Bitcoin Price in Indian Rupee and Getting The Lowest Price

Find Out The Currenct Bitcoin Price in Indian Rupee Click Here To See Price If you are looking for the currenct lowest price to buy Bitcoin in India then you have arrived at the right place!  Sign Up Now and Get The Lowest Bitcoin Price India Bitcoin Price India Chart Ethereum Price […]

Cryptocurrency Scams: Kashhcoins Scam And What We Learn From It

Kashhcoins There will always be people who are going to want to take advantage of a good thing and turn it into a scam if they can. There was a group of scammers in India a who decided to create a fake cryptocurrency scam and they started to promote it […]

Regulation in India: Bitcoin Regulation Is Essential for Legitimacy in India

A popular economist from India believes that bitcoin regulation is essential so that it can turn into a legitimate currency in the state. Dr. S.P. Sharma Ph.D, Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief economist, spoke to the Economic Times (Indian business daily) and wondered how possible it was for bitcoin […]

Crypto Mining, The Money-spinner Hobby Catching On In India

Anand Murali August 29, 2017 A narrow, market street in central Bengaluru. Pavement vendors and crammed shops. Customers looking for a good deal. Computer parts and electronics hardware on sale. That’s Sardar Patrappa Road — better known as SP Road, the electronics shopping hub in India’s Silicon Valley. You may also […]

Investment 2017: India’s Cryptocurrency Market Share Set To Double

image: According to online sources, there are an estimated 40 tech startups operating in India that are using blockchain technology.  With banks in India in discussion about embracing lucrative currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, we are seeing a swell of business owners signing up to cryptocurrencies. Indian Crypto Investors In […]