Cryptocurrency Swindlers Are Deceiving Users on Google With Bogus Binance Links

Sneaky con artists are pursuing cryprocurrency amateurs with forged landing papers for renowned exchange desks such as Binance, a leading platform. The landing papers have been purposely devised to look genuine. After a user lands on one of these pages that are fake, all links that can be clicked have […]

Crypto Trading: Bitfinex Exchange Review – The Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange

To this day this is not a fully regulated broker in the way that other brokers are. This is due to the fact that the crypto market is still just getting started and there is a legal vacuum that is making this process harder to handle than some would expect. […]

Cryptocurrency Hacks: What We Know About The Youbit Exchange Hack

Youbit Exchange Hack The 18 of December, South Korean cryptocurrency Youbit was hacked and a memo published on the home page of the web site of has confirmed that they are declaring bankrupt and this means that all users are no longer going to be able to make commercial use […]

Initial Coin Offering Hack? What We Know About The Enigma ICO Scam

Ironically named after the seemingly unbreakable German cryptomachine used in WWII, the Enigma was compromised before the launch of its ICO. The reasons behind the hack are extremely inexcusable and something that you just cannot expect from experienced programmers working on a project this big and centered on security of […]

Bitcoin Hackers: Hackers Black-mail HBO for Bitcoin And Threaten to Release Game of Thrones Episodes (

Written by Francisco Memoria For On July 31, news broke of a major cyber incident affecting HBO. According to reports, the network experienced a major cyberattack. The hackers behind it are currently demanding the equivalent of about $6 million in bitcoin, and claim that if they don’t get paid they will release 1.5 […]