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KaratGold Coin (KBC): Will Gold Be the Asset That Makes Cryptocurrencies Trustworthy?

Tether has always been a great idea…in theory. The stablecoin that defined the term has been a mainstay in crypto economics for several years now….

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Cryptocurrency Hacks: Hackers Have Stolen Over 250 BTC from Electrum Bitcoin Wallets

Electrum Hack It seems that popular bitcoin wallet Electrum is having issues. A litany of concerned users are reporting their wallets have suddenly been drained…

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Crypto Wallets: SwissCryptoVault – A Review Of The Hyper Secure Cold Storage by “Swiss Crypto Vault”

Swiss Crypto Vault Review The SwissCryptoVault is a hyper-secure cryptocurrency vault that is based on blockchain technology and makes use of the top IT and…

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Cryptocurrency Wallets: Ledger Might Just Be The Leader In Hardware Crypto Wallets

This article was originally posted on by Romain Dillet on January 18th, 2018 Ledger raises another $75 million to become the leader in cryptocurrency hardware wallets…

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CryptoCurrency Wallets: Russia’s Central Depository Is Going To Build Its Own Digital Currency Wallet (

By Nathan Reiff | August 16, 2017 — 10:10 AM EDT on A new report by CoinDesk suggests that Russia’s National Settlement Depository (NSD) will become involved…

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