Our Favorite Brokers: 4XFX Review – Trade Bitcoin Without Commissions on 4XFX.com

4XFX Review

4XFX Review Website: https://www.4xfx.com This is one of our top 3 favorite brokers in the industry right now. Among the various cryptocurrency trading platforms, 4XFX stands out to be one of the unique trading platforms in that it ensures smooth and speedy transactions. Asides this, it is well known for […]

Cryptocurrency Trading Apps For Android: Easy Crypto Trading Through Technology

Crypto Trading Apps For Android Cryptocurrency trading investment industry is a fast-paced entity which at the same time is volatile and unpredictable by nature. Thus Cryptocurrency industry experts always advise people to use the latest forms and additions of technology to reap the maximum benefits from these investments options as […]

Crypto Arbitrage Trading News – New Arbitraj LLC Tool Coming Up

Traders are keen to take advantage of the crypto arbitrage trade. Cryptocurrencies can have price differences of up to 5% across different exchanges, making them ripe for arbitrage. US startup Arbitraj has developed price comparison tools and is working on a trading tool to take advantage of the spreads. Cofounder […]

Crypto Trading: Bloomberg Is Launching Its Own Cryptocurrency Index

Investopedia – Amid increasing interest in the cryptocurrency markets, Bloomberg, the global leader among market data providers and index services, has launched the Bloomberg Galaxy Crypto Index (BGCI), which is “designed to track the performance of the largest, most liquid portion of the cryptocurrency market.” https://www.investopedia.com/news/bloomberg-launch-cryptocurrency-index/ – Bloomberg to Launch Cryptocurrency […]

How To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency – Launching Your Own Cryptocurrency

Forming Your Cryptocurrency In case you are a coder who is not a professional but have been studying Dogecoin and Bitcoin ardently from the sidelines, as well as all the other cryptocurrencies that are increasingly niche, you may be asking yourself whether it would be useful to you if you […]