Cryptocurrency Analysis: 5 Reasons Cryptocurrency Prices Are Plunging Again

Cryptocurrency prices have plummeted yet again. Bitcoin, XRP and Ethereum have all been affected by the latest plunge. This came hot on the heels of the IMF warning that cryptos may create new vulnerabilities in the international financial system. Approximately $13 billion worth of value was depleted in hours. Investors […]

Investing in Bitcoin: Is Bitcoin a Safe Investment or a Big Gamble?

Is Bitcoin a Safe Investment At the beginning of the year, Warren Buffet in an interview commented on the cryptocurrency market as both a fraud and the future of the world. These are two words that don’t seem to match and is keeping everyone on their feet regarding investing in […]

[] Entrepreneur Guy Galboiz Gives Insight On Future of Cryptocurrency

MYfintec Review

Guy Galboiz One of the newest industries that are growing rapidly is cryptocurrency. This is a virtual or digital currency that uses cryptography for security purposes. Due to this security feature, it is difficult to counterfeit cryptocurrencies. But, the most defining feature and probably the most endearing allure of cryptocurrency […]

Crypto Trading Analysis: 3 Best Cryptocurrency Daily Analysis Websites Pros and Cons

Learn more: Cryptocurrency Trading Signals Services There seems to be a lot of talk in the world of cryptocurrency when it comes to investment. There are many individuals who choose to get their information from blogs and social media, but there are some sources that can be better than others without […]

How Low Can Bitcoin Go? Wall Street Veteran Peter Boockvar Warns Bitcoin Could Drop to $2,000 During 2018

How Low Can Bitcoin Go? Towards the end of the interview you will hear Peter Boockvar say that money printing, debasing of fiat currency and inflating of the currency by central banks is part of the problem and that it has also impacted Bitcoin.  Peter Boockvar Interview on Bitcoin in […]