What’s New In The World Of Cryptocurrency Regulation?

Somewhat tough month for Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin is falling to around $3,500 and newer, stricter regulations are taking place, especially with Ukraine and Indonesia refusing to accept Bitcoin as a legal method of payment. This are shocking news since this year is also the same year that saw Ukraine ordering 150BTMS […]

China: Shanghai Exiting The Cryptocurrency Trading Market

source cointelegraph.com By Willie Tan As reported by CCTV news, 17 trading platforms will stop cryptocurrency trading in Shanghai. BTCChina, Binance, SZZC, Lhang, ETCWin, Bitekuang, 51SZZC, Hanbiwang, Bitbill, 19800Net, FreeWillex, ICOAGE, 91ICO, ICOrace, ICOfox, ICORaise and ICO17 have publicly announced that they are no longer involved in ICO operations and have proposed plans […]

Cryptocurrency Apps: Blockchain ‘E-Wallet’ App Stokes Bitcoin Industry China Confusion

The appearance of an updated Chinese ‘Blockchain e-Wallet’ on the App Store has added to confusion surrounding authorities’ stance of cryptocurrency. Local news portal cnLedger reported Monday that the wallet from Beijing Arxanfintech “features Blockchain tech” and can be linked to a Bank of China debit card. “As expected, we […]

Initial Coin Offering: Li Xiaolai Chinese Bitcoin Tycoon and His Record-Breaking ICO

[coindesk.com] Jul 18, 2017 at 12:00 by Wolfie Zhao One of China’s biggest bitcoin investors has raised approximately $82m in an initial coin offering (ICO), setting a new record for the novel fundraising method in China. Led by entrepreneur Li Xiaolai, Press.One bills itself as a decentralized content distribution platform based on […]

CryptoCurrency Exchange Trading: Chinese CryptoCurrency Exchange CHBTC Lists EOS Tokens

[cryptoninjas.net] Sunday 16th of July 2017 in Exchanges Worth noting from China-based cryptocurrency exchange CHBTC was its past week’s inclusion of EOS trading on the exchange. The token was listed on July 6th at 11:00 CST within the Innovation Board segment. Now Chinese users can trade in EOS/CNY transactions. CHBTC’s Innovation Board […]