Press Release – Casino and Gambling: 1xBit.Com Uses Bitcoin SegWit For Gambling Industry

1xBit.Com – 1xBit Would you like to double your cryptocurrency assets without having to wait for their market price to increase? The old-fashioned traditional gambling and investments are coming to their end as a result of the blockchain technology rise. The innovative platform of 1xBit is here and will change the game., Bitcoin and […]

Online Cryptocurrency Lottery Platforms And Bitcoin Lottery Sites

Cryptocurrency is a medium of currency that is operable in digital world. The method from which the transactions occur is known as cryptography which is done by miners in a very secure way. The miners are the ones who take their fee after completing the transactions between the required parties. […]

Magazine: [Finance Magnates] Cryptocurrency Lottery is Emerging from the Shadows and Looking for Regulation

True Flip is a blockchain lottery platform. We have already developed a bitcoin-based and fair-proof lottery 6/49 (Powerball*) and plan to make at least 3 more lottery games.

Photo: Konstantin Katsev and Vasily Polynov, True Flip [] Avi Mizrahi | Interviews (CryptoCurrency) | Monday, 24/07/2017|14:19 GMT Watch the interview with two members of True Flip, a blockchain startup bringing transparency to bitcoin gambling. Online gambling has been a feature of the Bitcoin ecosystem since its early days and […]

CryptoCurrency Magazine: Crypto and Online Gaming

Bittrex Review

Many online betting websites have started to allow deposits of CryptoCurrencies from clients in order to allow their clients to wager bets with BitCoin or other types of Coin from their Crypto wallets. But some brands are looking beyond using the coins as wagers and are looking at the block-chain […]