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Trade Bitcoin Swaps on Cantor Exchange – CFTC Regulated

Cantor Exchange is a CFTC approved designated contract market providing an expanding set of products

Bitcoin Contract Salient Features – Cantor Exchange

Cantor Exchange Website Screenshot
Cantor Exchange Website Screenshot

Cantor Exchange Review

Cantor Exchange was founded in 2010 and is one of only two Bitcoin Swaps firms based out of the US and regulated by the CFTC. Similar to NADEX, the Cantor Exchange is essentially a marketplace for buyers and sellers to wager against the future value of tradable assets using short-term expiry times.

Cantor Exchange Website Screenshot
Cantor Exchange Website Screenshot


Just like NADEX, the Cantor Exchange is technically not a broker, they simply act as intermediaries for traders. Cantor Exchange requires a minimum deposit of $100 to open a new account.

Their fees are relatively low compared to the traditional market-maker brokers, and at just $0.90 for opening and closing a contract, trading with Cantor Exchange is a legitimate money saver.

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Cantor Exchange offers contracts with end-of-day expiries in addition to multiple intraday expiration times. Right now, their only tradable cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. The one type of contract that Cantor Exchange offers that no other broker does, however, is the ability to wager on weather events, which is incredibly unique.

Traders can choose to wager whatever dollar amount they wish, from $1 to $1,000 bets, there’s no limits to how much traders can make using Cantor Exchange. 

CFTC Regulated
CFTC Regulated


A lot of traders have complained about the NADEX’s trading platform, but not with Cantor Exchange. Cantor Exchange uses one of the most popular trading platforms in the Bitcoin trading industry.

Because of their exchange traded style, combined with the simplicity of the Bitcoin Swaps platform, traders are able to cleanly see the expiry time, the number of contracts in play, a helpful risk to reward indicator, and a simple display of currently available strike points and their prices – all on a single screen.

Another nice feature of Cantor Exchange’s trading platform is a slippage control feature, which really sets this broker apart from the rest. In the upper right hand corner of the interface you can see this feature, which allows traders to set and control the amount of drawdown they’re willing to take on any specific contract, thereby severely limiting risk exposure.

In addition to this, Cantor Excahnge offers some binary options contracts that come with up to a 900% possible return on investment! Some of the highest returns in the industry.

CME, CBOE and Cantor pass hurdle in preparing derivatives on volatile cryptocurrency - | Financial Times Official Website
CME, CBOE and Cantor pass hurdle in preparing derivatives on volatile cryptocurrency – | Financial Times Official Website

Final Thoughts

Cantor Exchange is a regulated, honest Bitcoin Swaps firm that is quickly growing in popularity among global investors. Their easy to use interface, simple rules and terms, and excellent customer support team are only a few of the reasons why Bitcoin traders should choose Cantor Exchange as their next Bitcoin exchange. 

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