Pros and Cons of the Top 4 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms for 2018

Cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms allow users from around the world to exchange their fiat dollars, such as USD, EUR, JPY, etc., for cryptocurrency tokens. Exchanges can also be used to trade one cryptocurrency for another. The best cryptocurrency exchanges are able to bring a new level of innovation that the traditional financial system has not been able to achieve in decades. This writeup will detail the top 4 best cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms. But before we dive into the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, let’s establish a set of criteria detailing what you should look for in a reliable, hassle-free cryptocurrency exchange.

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What to Look for In Cryptocurrency Exchanges


Most token exchanges charge a service fee for converting fiat money and crypto tokens into other cryptocurrencies. Fees alone should not dictate which exchange you decide to use, but if you plan on moving large volumes of money back and forth between accounts, you definitely need to compare fees for each exchange. Credit card fees tend be about 4%, while bank transfer fees are typically in the 1% to 1.5% range. Most exchanges tend to charge anywhere from 0.01% to 5% fees for deposits and withdrawals. This is a wide net, but just make sure to not sacrifice quality for a few extra dollars.


Most crypto exchanges do have a maximum limit for how much money can be deposited at any one time, as well as how much of a specific cryptocurrency you can purchase. If you plan on depositing and trading large amounts of tokens, you need to make sure the platform is able to support the amount you have in mind. Some platforms will also have limits to how much money any one user can withdraw in a single day. This can be a problem for people who deal in large amounts, as they will be forced to spread out their withdrawals over a period of days or weeks.

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When you’re trying to profit in a game of inches, it’s vital to utilize an exchange that delivers coins in a timely manner. With this said, exchanges cannot guarantee coins will be delivered in a specific time period due to the nature of tokens and their blockchains, wherein each transaction must be verified. When a blockchain is congested, you can expect the verification process to take longer (or shorter) than usual. Aside from this, transactions can also take longer than usual due to the slow nature of the legacy banking system, depending on the withdrawal method. Buying cryptocurrencies with credit cards doesn’t take too long, while bank transfers can take several days. PayPal deposits and withdrawals can take anywhere from 30 minutes to several days to complete.


Despite what you may have heard about cryptocurrencies and blockchains, digital tokens and their exchanges are not bulletproof. Hackers look for opportunities, and unscrupulous buyers and sellers will look to take advantage of certain payment methods. This is why it is critical to deposit your money into an exchange that takes your personal privacy and security seriously. Consider the following: How much personal information is required to set up an account? Do you need to verify your address, identity, or phone number? While many people are put off by the idea of sending a cryptocurrency exchange their ID, the more layers of protection you have, the better. Secure exchanges will use two-factor authentication and may require some form of identity proof. This is enough to ward off most scammers and makes it harder for hackers to infiltrate individual user accounts.


What are other users saying about the platform? Are reviews mixed, positive, or predominantly negative? Are hacks and identity theft a problem? Check if the exchange is regulated. While a non-regulated crypto exchange doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, having some form of government oversight is a clear bonus. What is the exchange’s customer support like? Do they have a 24-hour live chat system, or do they only have email support tickets? Is there a telephone number you can dial to connect with a real person? Also consider the number of years the platform has been operational.



Jesse Powell
Jesse Powell

About Kraken

Kraken was established in 2011 in San Francisco by entrepreneur Jesse Powell, a well-known figure within the cryptocurrency world thanks to his security contributions to MtGox. In a way, Kraken is the successor to MtGox, the former exchange that went bankrupt. Kraken’s international exchange is highly popular within Europe, as they have the highest trading volume for the Bitcoin/Euro pair and have low fees for EUR users. Unlike many other cryptocurrency platforms, Kraken accepts various fiat currencies, including: USD, CAD, JPY, and EUR. They currently offer 15 different cryptocurrencies to trade, including tokens such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Zcash, Litecoin, and more. Kraken gives its users multiple trading tools, run on a highly secure environment with reliable cold storage, and offer advanced order types, such as buy limit and stop loss orders.

Kraken Pros

  • Up to 5x leverage on Bitcoin
  • Use 2-factor-authentication and PGP email encryption
  • Have a iOS and Android app for mobile devices
  • Moderate to high liquidity, specifically for EUR and JPY pairs
  • Support margin trading and short selling
  • Support custom order types
  • No limits on deposits
  • Low fees for European users
  • Quick and easy account setup, no ID required
  • Long standing crypto exchange trusted by hundreds of thousands of international crypto traders
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals

Kraken Cons

  • Because of the high volume of traders using the platform, expect a few site errors every now and then
  • Could benefit from more crypto pairs
  • Customer support can occasionally get overwhelmed, leading to long response times
  • Complex fee structure, high fees for USD users moving small quantities of coin (i.e. $7 BTC withdrawal fee, $5 USD bank wire withdrawal fee, and $5 bank wire deposit fee)

Kraken Final Remarks

Overall, Kraken is a great crypto platform that offers several useful features to day traders. If you live in Europe, Kraken was probably your first and most enticing choice, and for good reason: The company is one of the oldest and largest exchanges, which has allowed them produce a long track record of happy traders without having to deal with any major issues, scandals, or negative publicity. In the end, if you’re a beginner based in Europe, go with Kraken.

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Bittrex was one of the first to trade Bitcoin Cash
Bittrex was one of the first to trade Bitcoin Cash

About Bittrex

Bittrex is a regulated crypto exchange that is based in the United States and was formed in 2014 out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Bittrex caters to crypto traders, as they currently support the buying and selling of over 200 different tokens, and the platform is often one of the first exchanges to list new emerging cryptocurrencies. To keep their customers secure, Bittrex performs compliance audits against new cryptocurrencies to ensure their traders make safe transactions with legitimate ventures. While some exchanges accept fiat currency, Bittrex uses Bitcoin as their cornerstone currency. They do not accept any type of fiat money. Adjusting to the Bittrex platform can take some time to get used to, but the company is highly professional and offers speedy transactions and is a frequently used platform by seasoned crypto-investors.

Bittrex Pros

  • Anonymous function – no ID required for basic accounts
  • No minimum deposit
  • Utilizes 2-factor-authentication
  • Quick and simple account setup
  • Makes 1-minute price charts available
  • Perfect platform for those doing arbitrage
  • Flawless data connections – service interruptions are rare

Bittrex Cons

  • No app support
  • Only email and ticket customer support
  • Do not accept USD or any fiat currencies
  • No margin available
  • Low liquidity can be a problem from time to time
  • No dollar value assigned to cryptocurrencies
  • Advanced user interface (not beginner friendly)
  • High trading fees of 0.25%

Bittrex Final Remarks

Although Bittrex does not currently enable leverage, the company has stated that they expect to implement a leverage functionality later this year or in the beginning of 2018. The maximum withdrawal amount allowed for users with basic accounts is 1 BTC, while enhanced account holders who have been verified can withdraw up to $50,000 at any one time. Overall, Bittrex is a great cryptocurrency exchange for seasoned arbitrageurs, but isn’t the most ideal option for professional daytraders due to the limited amount of immediate liquidity and the inability to trade with margin. But, as Bittrex has witnessed a staggering rise in new accounts in 2017, the platform’s liquidity woes may soon come to an end.

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Coinbase – Instant purchases from verified cards
Coinbase – Instant purchases from verified cards

About Coinbase

Coinbase is arguably the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the United States. Coinbase was launched in 2012 and, after financial backing from major banks and venture capital firms, set the standard for cryptocurrency exchanges around the globe. Coinbase is a P2P platform that supports the buying and selling of Bitcoin, Etherum, and Litecoin tokens. Coinbase also has an Android and iOS wallet app. They have over 8 million users from over 30 countries and have housed over $6 billion in cryptocurrency transactions. A few major companies who have invested in Coinbase include the likes of the Bank of Tokyo, the New York Stock Exchange, Andressen Horrowitz, and more. Customers from the United States, Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Singapore are able to buy crypto tokens with a verified credit card or through bank transfer. Credit card purchases come with a 3.99% fee while bank transfers have a 1.49% transaction fee.

Coinbase Pros

  • Sleek intuitive design
  • Support credit and debit cards
  • Instant purchases from verified cards
  • API tools for developers
  • Bitcoin deposits are insured
  • Partnered with major banks

Coinbase Cons

  • Caught monitoring their customers spending habits. Apparently, Coinbase has signed a contract with its stakeholders that force them to ensure Bitcoins are spent ‘responsibly’. This means that if you send BTC to adult entertainment or gambling websites, your account may be shut down without warning.
  • Coinbase has made a move against the philosophy of the crypto-community by applying for a patent for the rights to crypto wallet technology.
  • There have been some complaints from Coinbase affiliates that their earnings have been withheld due to ‘technical issues’.
  • Only offer three tokens

Coinbase Final Remarks

Although Coinbase does appear to have a slight problem with greed and a sense of dissonance with its users, it’s still a great cryptocurrency exchange for buyers. Coinbase’s main advantage is its large client base. If you do buy tokens through Coinbase, it is highly advised that you relocate your coins to a hardware wallet. But, overall Coinbase is a solid platform.

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LocalBitcoins - No bank account required
LocalBitcoins – No bank account required

About LocalBitcoins was founded in 2012 by Jeremiah Kangas in Helsinki, Finland. LocalBitcoins takes a slightly different, free market approach to the buying and selling digital tokens. The platform operates as a P2P exchange that allows users to find and quickly connect with other buyers and sellers, either internationally or locally. In a way, LocalBitcoin is like the Craigslist of crypto exchanges. The platform supports all markets from around the world, allowing anyone from any country to connect with local people. This is especially helpful to those who are only legally allowed to physically transfer BTC. The platform charges a flat 1% fee on all transactions. Deals made locally with cash come with no fees. Although there are no ID requirements, it’s a good idea to verify your identity so that other traders are more likely to trust you.

LocalBitcoins Pros

  • No bank account required
  • Available in over 190 countries
  • Instantaneous transfers with other humans (trade requests made with other users are cancelled if a deal has not been completed within 90 minutes)
  • Very simple user interface
  • No buy or sell limit on transactions
  • Supports dozens of payment methods
  • Easy fee structure
  • With LocalBitcoin’s filter, finding the right buyer or seller is easy

LocalBitcoins Cons

  • You have to deal with people, unlike with other major exchanges, which will cause varying experiences among users
  • Only support Bitcoin
  • Possibility of being scammed, specifically with PayPal transactions, although LocalBitcoin does have a grievance process that allows those wrongfully scammed to get their money back depending on the circumstance
  • No leverage or trading tools are applicable in this P2P platform

LocalBitcoins Final Remarks

While a majority of people have had a positive experience with LcoalBitcoin, including the writer of this review, there are definitely scammers on the site. To stay safe, check your buyer or seller’s star ratings, make sure they’re using a verified account, and check out the forum every once in a while to block known scammers. This type of mistrust can make LocalBitcoin not the best option for traders dealing in large volumes of crypto. But, in the end LocalBitcoin is a unique and viable alternative to Coinbase – highly recommended.

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What are your thoughts about these top cryptocurrency platforms? Is your own experience positive, negative, mixed? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Cryptocurrency Wallets: Ledger Might Just Be The Leader In Hardware Crypto Wallets

This article was originally posted on
by Romain Dillet on January 18th, 2018

Ledger raises another $75 million to become the leader in cryptocurrency hardware wallets

Ledger just raised an impressive Series B round of $75 million (€61 million), led by Draper Esprit. The startup already raised a $7 million round last year. But the cryptocurrency mania probably made it easy to raise more money. If you have more than a bit of money in cryptocurrencies, chances are you’ve heard about Ledger wallets. The French startup has been designing some of the most secure hardware wallets out there.

If you don’t want to get hacked, get a Ledger wallet. FirstMark Capital, Cathay Innovation, Korelya Capital and existing investors CapHorn Invest, GDTRE and Digital Currency Group also invested in today’s round. XAnge remains in the capital. Ledger says that the round was oversubscribed, and that it is the largest Series B round in a cryptocurrency startup when you exclude ICOs. The company has sold a million hardware wallets in 2017. While this sounds impressive, it’s even more impressive when you compare it to 2016. Ledger only sold 30,000 wallets in 2016 — it represents a 33x year-over-year increase. And this is key to understanding Ledger’s wallet.

Few people predicted the cryptocurrency boom of 2017. That’s why Ledger has been struggling with keeping up with orders. When you buy a Ledger Nano S today, you’re going to get delivered in March 2018. So the company is going to use today’s funding round to ramp up production and solve those back-order issues. It’s important to note that Ledger is already profitable. Ledger currently has 82 employees in Paris, San Francisco and Vierzon.

The company also plans to launch the Ledger Vault, a security solution for banks, hedge funds and family offices that want to invest in cryptocurrencies. “For the wallets, we integrated our operating system in a secure chip, and for the Vault, we are integrating it in a hardware security module,” Ledger co-founder and CEO Eric Larchevêque told me. “The idea behind it is to provide additional features and services, such as multiaccounts, multisignature or timelocks.”

Ledger is the equivalent of a gold pick manufacturer. When there’s a gold rush, the one selling the gold picks end up with more money than people looking for gold. Correction: An earlier version of this article stated that Ledger raised $70 million. The company ended up raising $75 million. Disclosure: I own small amounts of various cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency FAQ: Where Can I Spend My Cryptocurrency?

This article was originally posted on
by jordangonen on Nov 9, 2017.

Where you can spend your cryptocurrency?

One of the big gray areas around crypto, especially for outsiders and newbies to the space, is the looming question of where can you spend your currency? Once you own some bitcoin / ethereum…what do you actually do with it? And though there are lots of individual investors “HODL-ing” until the end of time, surely there are use cases (especially if things in the space go “well”) where cryptocurrencies are far more than an investment vehicle — but rather an entire new medium for exchanging and transacting.

Many do not think our current economic infrastructure, here in the United States, is in place to support any sort of “currency revolution.” At least not yet. Since the technology is still developing, we are sitting at an interesting period of hurry up and wait, as the framework and infrastructure of this new financial world is still being built.

Today, the process of purchasing cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin and Ethereum) is cumbersome and difficult. Unless you use a service like Dether — that lets you buy and sell your ether coins for cash — you have to register for an exchange, deposit money, verify your information, wait a few weeks, and then, after all that, you can finally withdraw your currency. On top of that there are fees. Outages. Slow downs in the market place. And even then…

  • Once you have your digital currency. Where do you go spend it?

t is not like you can walk to your local grocery store and exchange your bitcoins for a banana. I guess the good news for crypto enthusiasts is that the list of merchants that accept bitcoin is expanding…but still, how soon will that pick up to be practical for the masses?

Here are a bunch of places I found, just through googling that will take your bitcoin:

(my friend Adam also made Cryptoallowed, a “google” that only returns crypto results — which can help you find crypto stuff).

Today, the number of merchants hovers somewhere over 100,000. What do you think that number will be at 6 months from now? What about a year from now? 5 years? 10 years? What is perhaps even more exciting to me than the revolution that *could* take place in the first world is the opportunity to bring modern financial services to not yet developed countries who lack essentials like banking and financing. Literally billions of adults still are void of services like these. Billions. Who will be there to serve this untapped market?

Crypto Trading: Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest in for 2018

Cryptocurrencies have risen exponentially in the past few months due to which they have become a popular investment option. Bitcoin, regarded as the top cryptocurrency, has attracted a larger number of traders and investors due to its historic rise in value. It has become a given that investing in the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin can be a very profitable long term investment. There are a variety of cryptocurrencies that can be found these days, which can cause some confusion amongst people. If you want to invest in this vehicle, you can go for the top 5 cryptocurrencies that will reign in the market in 2018:

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1) Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin (BTC)

Obviously, since it is the most recognized cryptocurrency, it is no surprise that it is on top of the list of best cryptocurrencies to invest in. It has become a digital currency used all over the world and is based on a peer to peer technology system where all transactions are recorded in publicly distributed ledgers that are called blockchain. These days, people are also trading Bitcoins for goods and services with vendors who are willing to accept cryptocurrency payments. Debit or credit cards can be used for making instant purchases of Bitcoin. As far as storing is concerned, Bitcoin wallets are used to ensure they are safe and secure.

Bitcoin Pros

One of the best benefits of Bitcoin is that it can be used anonymously, but this has also become a cause for concern due to legal reasons. Therefore, there are some governments that have imposed a ban on the use and trade of Bitcoins. However, it has been stated by various industry insiders that Bitcoin here to stay. It was launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto and had been the only virtual currency available in the market at that time. Currently, it is the most expensive cryptocurrency of them all as it has crossed the $15,000 mark and is accepted in a large number of countries, making it a good investment option.

2) Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum (ETH)

In the hierarchy of best cryptocurrency to invest in, Ethereum is considered second to Bitcoin because it has also exhibited impressive growth rates in the last year or so. Thus, it has proven itself to be a real rival for Bitcoin and a major game changer. There is no denying that Ethereum is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies that was introduced in 2015 by 19-year-old Vitalik Buterin. In simple terms, it is a decentralized software platform that allows Distributed Applications (DApps) and smart contracts to be developed and run without any fraud, downtime, third party interference or control.

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Ethereum Pros

The use of blockchains is the biggest difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin. For the latter, the blockchain records contracts, which means it shows how digital funds have been moved from one place to another. In contrast, Ethereum has expanded this idea because its blockchain makes use of a more complex scripting language and complex applications can be made with its smart contracts that have a wide range of potential uses. These features have brought Ethereum into the spotlight and corporations such as Samsung, Cisco, Mastercard, Microsoft, BP, Intel, Toyota and some other market giants.

3) Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

One of the most popular hardforks that have sprouted from Bitcoin is Bitcoin Cash. According to market capitalization, this is the third largest cryptocurrency in the market. It began when all investors got the same amount of Bitcoin Cash as BTC i.e. transactions are finished when a ‘block’ is added to the blockchain. Generally, there are approximately 2,000 transactions in a 1MB Bitcoin block and the processing time is 10 minutes. In comparison, Visa can handle 2,000 transactions in one second, which means that scaling has been hampering Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Cash Pros

Therefore, Bitcoin Cash acts as a solution to the scalability issue found in Bitcoin. The block size is increased to 8MB. The market capitalization of Bitcoin Cash is $11,361,359,620 and the cost of 1 unit is $673, which is twice that of its launch price. Hence, all those people who weren’t able to invest in Bitcoin when its price was below $1,000, they now have the opportunity of investing Bitcoin cash, which is the ‘future Bitcoin’. It may have had a humble beginning, but in November its price rose to $1800, which is six times its original listing price.

4) Ripple (XRP)

Ripple (XRP)

It is the fourth largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and is regarded as a transaction protocol for global payments. Right now, an open source internet protocol, native currency and consensus ledger called XRP has been used for developing Ripple. You can find almost 100 billion XRP and Ripple has been implemented in the systems of various companies like Santander, UniCredit and even some important banks like Bank of England, Bank of America and Bank of Japan.

Ripple Pros

Its per unit cost is only around $1.40 making it very easy to buy in large amounts and its market capitalization is about $1098,369,794.11 (on January 18, 2018). Ripple can offer a very high return for those who are looking for a long-term investment option.

5) LiteCoin (LTC)

Litecoin (LTC)

This cryptocurrency was created in 2011 by an ex-Google employee named Charlie Lee. He introduced it as an alternative to Bitcoin and his aim was to reduce the time needed for confirming new transactions and modifying the way of mining Bitcoin to allow more and more people to participate. In addition, this cryptocurrency is also designed to produce more coins. Bitcoin has a coin limit of 21 million whereas Litecoin’s limit is 84 million coins. Bitcoin has about 16.7 million circulating units whereas Litecoin’s circulation is 54 million.

Litecoin Pros

The breakthrough for this cryptocurrency came in May 2017 when ‘Coin Base’, the most popular cryptocurrency exchange began using Litecoin along with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Since then, Litecoin has also come in the notice of investors. Moreover, this cryptocurrency is also making use of the ‘segregated witness’ technology, which can fix problems that haven’t been solved by Bitcoin as yet. This solution adds more capacity and also cuts down the transaction fee. Amongst websites that have begun to accept payments in virtual currency, Litecoin is the second most cryptocurrency accepted.

What are your thoughts about these top cryptocurrencies for 2018? Is your own experience with them positive, negative, mixed? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Regulation: Six Methods of Regulating Cryptocurrency Without Eliminating It

Cryptocurrency Regulation Ideas

Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere; therefore, it is very crucial for governments to regulate it appropriately. Below are six steps the UK government can take to shield consumers without repressing innovation:

CFTC Regulated

1. Settle the taxes

Without a token, blockchains do not function and tokens should be transacted in fiat as well as out (currencies supported by the government, such as the US dollar). It signifies that an opportunity will always be available to profit (in regard to fiat), therefore, HMRC should make its stand clear. In the United States, the tax laws of 2018 made it clear when you need to pay crypto capital gains. A major change is that transactions of crypto-to-crypto are now taxable. Is this applicable in the UK also? According to, which is a specific guide from the UK, ‘tax may apply to you’ on these kinds of trades; however, currently this is not a certainty. With the Proof-of-Stake introduction and Masternodes in Dash what occurs when you gain a crypto-dividend? Is it taxed? It would be good to know.

2. Regulate Exchanges

Nearly all foreign exchange passes through currency houses or banks. How you use it after this is your decision. It should not differ from the crypto concept. If you are an expert trader this does not apply to you, that is, the type of person who would rank himself four on a list such as this one. Each of your transactions needs to go through a regulated exchange. Since the fiat flow to crypto and vice-versa is mainly via exchanges, it is going to be simpler to eliminate illegal acts and make sure that tax is paid. But, for that to take place, we first require banks to set up accounts for exchanges. Currently British banks are rejecting cryptocurrency exchanges. They are even closing accounts for customers for wiring to an exchange. Therefore, even if they want to be UK based, exchanges need to open accounts in European countries, which is the mainland. These countries are Estonia (Coinbase) or Slovenia (Bitstamp). According to banks, this is reasonable. If there are no strict regulations, they worry that crooks may use the money for money laundering or on the dark web. If they join that activity, they may incur fines or shut down. It is not worth it at all. It is the reason why regulating the exchanges is the answer. If that occurs, then the major banks will be accommodating, making things easy for exchanges as well as investors. It will be beneficial for banks also, as they can restrict customers from shifting to competitors who are more daring. This plan would be helpful also for the UK, where the economy is concerned. The casual attitude of the UK to cryptocurrency has signified that the most significant exchanges in the globe are in Japan, the USA, (and China before the state prohibited them). Just lessening the conflict would be very effective in introducing this financial activity to the UK.

3. Set up an ICOs Framework

You have studied our guide titled ‘Should You Launch An ICO? But, it is probable that you are still unable to tell whether an ICO is genuine or not. If you have ever glanced at a whitepaper, it is likely that the first paragraph put you off. Individuals are putting their money in ICOs simply because it is the trend and they do not have a clue how their money will be used. The result will not be favorable. ICOs are important in the world of decentralization. Picture a Twitter that was formed that is not as terrible, that is financially supported through the pre-sale of usernames, facilitated by the blockchain. Users would manage to make decisions on how it is run. But, even though an ICO can be useful, it will not be if no product is available and its team is not genuine. A set of cryptocurrency regulations that is well defined on what is suitable or not needs to be formed. In September 2017, according to the FCA, ‘an ICO should be defined as e-money issuance, deposit- taking, contract for difference, collective or derivative investment scheme. So who is behind the raising of money? What method is used for reimbursement if they do not perform? What should be done in case of control issues? Challenger Banks should experience many hoops to verify they can keep large quantities of customers’ cash. Do new blockchains differ? But, it would be extremely difficult for the state to regulate each ICO that is available.

4. Allow Exchanges to Control ICOs

This presents two advantages; it is a different business model for the exchanges as well as a main area of control for decreasing illegal act. The projects determine the reputation of the exchanges; therefore, they shall be incentivized to be thorough. In case an exchange wishes to provide ICOs, according to the regulation, they should make sure the ICO adheres to particular criteria. The tech and team should at least be audited and history checked. Perhaps, the whitepaper needs to be checked using software for plagiarism, just to be sure. Where the customer is involved, any person who wishes to invest needs to go through the procedures of Anti-Money Laundering and Know-Your Customer. (It may seem tedious, but it takes place already each time you use AirBnb to book an apartment). When these two steps are taken, they greatly lower swindles on both sides. You cannot stop individuals from making silly moves, but you can tell them to be cautious. Therefore, every procedure for ICO investment needs to begin with a quiz to find out whether the individual comprehends what may happen to their cash. Sites for Equity crowdfunding do it. ICOs do not vary much, so they need to do the same.

5. Implement an operational team of blockchain professionals, policy wonks and economists

Have you ever heard someone comment that, ‘Bitcoin is great but not so great?’ That is untrue and an indication that they do not comprehend it. It is a different sector and you can only take the appropriate steps if you understand the subject. It is understandable, as we do not completely comprehend it either. Whatever the case, instead of letting banks and investors to remain unenlightened, it would be wise to present a report by the end of the first quarter of 2018 that provides a clear idea of the opinion of the UK on cryptocurrencies. Already, France openly discusses ICOs. If the next likely Internet experiences a brain drain, this will not help anyone.

6. Avoid innovating yourself

The CEO & Founder of AngelList and CoinList, Naval Ravikant, thinks that the world just has a few hundred engineers who have the skills to write Internet protocols like blockchains. It applies to investing. Already, it is hard to get security professionals and software engineers; getting blockchain protocol designers whose background is almost impossible to check. Blockchains entail more than code. They mix economics/game-concept, mathematics, engineering and philosophy. There is a purpose why Satoshi Nakamoto took up to 2009 to form Bitcoin. It is difficult to make it ideal and they did not. If the state wishes to use Blockchains, it needs to search outside to get skills instead of promoting within. Most important, do not use in Brexit under any circumstances.

Estonia Will Begin To Tokenize Enterprises Through The G-Global Business Portal Consulting Marketplace

From left to right: the Head of the G-Global Business Portal Denis Tsyro, the Nobel laureate in economics Alvin Roth, the Deputy Chairman of the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists Hanon Barabaner.

The meeting in Silicon Valley led to the collaboration of the G-Global Business Portal and the Nobel laureate in economics, Professor Alvin Roth. Mikhail Korb, the Secretary-General of the Center Party of Estonia expressed interest in the project. During the meeting, the parties discussed the development of the Estonian economy in the direction of digitalization and the head of international organization G-Global Business Portal, Denis Tsyro has suggested the ways of its implementation. The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Chairman of the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists, Professor Hanon Barabaner, who highly appreciates the prospects of the forthcoming cooperation with Professor Alvin Roth:

In Estonia, it is planned to develop and implement a state program for modernization and improvement of the efficiency of the economy. For these purposes, it is necessary to find systematic solutions at macro and microeconomic levels. Professor Roth’s comments on the development of the G-Global Business Portal project as a tool for digitalizing the economy and reorganizing enterprises will be of tremendous value for the entire IT community of the country.

From left to right: the Head of the G-Global Business Portal Denis Tsyro, the Deputy Chairman of the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists Hanon Barabaner.
From left to right: the Head of the G-Global Business Portal Denis Tsyro, the Deputy Chairman of the Eurasian Economic Club of Scientists Hanon Barabaner.

the tool for robotization, innovative technologies and for entering the new markets of the US, China, and other European countries is the G-Global Business Portal, a consulting marketplace that brings together experts from around the world. The G-Global Business Portal is a blockchain-based platform that cooperates with the AngelVest cryptofund and integrates the ChronoBank system into the consulting marketplace. TIME token will be used to manage human resources. Alvin Roth expressed his opinion on the transition of enterprises to a new level in response to technical changes:

Businesses have always changed their methods of operation in response to new technologies.Computer-aided markets not only make new businesses possible, they allow businesses to accumulate and process data more efficiently. There is every reason to believe that the changes we have seen in the last decades, as computerized marketplaces have started to become established, will continue and even accelerate in the coming years, and that the changes in the organization and operation of enterprises will be profound.

Cryptocurrency Swindlers Are Deceiving Users on Google With Bogus Binance Links

Sneaky con artists are pursuing cryprocurrency amateurs with forged landing papers for renowned exchange desks such as Binance, a leading platform. The landing papers have been purposely devised to look genuine. After a user lands on one of these pages that are fake, all links that can be clicked have been set to direct visitors to the certified website of Binance, but via an affiliate URL.  It may not seem like the phony pages are out to pilfer your credentials, but it is wise to be very careful in the event that you land on one. The illegal Binance impersonators are different from the official page as they utilize a method called Punycode, which lets them ‘act on behalf of Unicode in the restricted ASCII character subset.’ Using this technique, the evil domain ‘xn—’ could appear as ‘’ You can note how confusing that could be to beginners as well as some crypto-traders who are less technical in general.

One method of detecting bogus pages is by examining the certificates on your browser’s top left corner. It is important to know that some methods that are more sophisticated have been confirmed to make it almost impossible to differentiate genuine from false set-ups; therefore, do not rely on this tip 100%. One other detail that came to our attention is that the false pages do not carry out real-time updates for exchange rates as is done by the authentic Binance site. Also, a button for ‘Sign up first’ is inefficiently fixed in the center of the illegal imitators. It may be useful to know that the individual responsible for this mess is utilizing this affiliate account number: 10115320. According to the certified Binance Referral Program, affiliates will obtain 50% of any signees’ trading fees they have presented to the exchange desk. For the ones that are not conversant, affiliate programs present a fast method for firms to enroll third-party ‘associates’ to recruit new users. ‘Associates’ like these who can literally be anyone, obtain a small percentage of each transaction carried out by users who registered through them.

‘The subscription commission is going to be sent immediately to your Binance account in real-time as your referee finalizes every trade. You are going to receive payment in any cryptocurrency or token the initial payment was carried out in,’ states its terms. We have contacted Binance to let them know about this suspicious act. We shall publish the latest news when we get feedback. Redditors are the ones who detected the fake sites. They allege they came across one of them by accident as they browsed Google.

After members advised associate posters to report the damaging page for phishing, it seems the Big G then excluded the impersonators from Search. This is not the initial time attackers have tried to create false pages to generate income from innocent crypto-fans. In the previous year in September, Bitfinex, an exchange desk, used Twitter to caution its users that attackers have created a website for phishing which looked a lot like the official service.

Take note: there is an online phishing website which looks a lot like The attackers are utilizing bitfienex-com domain

— Bitfinex (@bitfinex) September 19, 2017

Since Binance has quickly proven itself to be a top exchange desk in the globe in the short six months from the time it was started in July 2017, it is not surprising that attackers are targeting the firm’s user base which is developing quickly.

Crypto Trading: OKEx Review – OKEx Cryptocurrency Exchange

OKEx Cryptocurrency Exchange, created in Hong Kong and was founded in 2004, and is one of the most popular assets right now. The company has an amazing team that includes lots of talented individuals of top companies like Huawei and Tencent. They firmly believe that core principals of blockchain, and the principles of Bitcoin and the contracts will be able to change the way how people are trusting in each other, through this transformation will help to eliminate the different barriers that transactions presents, also will help to increase the efficiency of the transactions that happened globally and this, eventually, will have a strong impact on the economy around the world. That’s why the company devoted itself to the blockchain technology and its constant revolution.

Through the years, OKEx has adopted advanced technologies like distributed storage, excellent trading engine, GSLB and distributed server clusters, all of them are backed up in chilled locations, hot walletswith protection and private encryption. They also have a reliable digital asset trading services that are delivered to their customers via mobile app and a web interface. They are always innovating and improving their services and also ask constantly to their customers for suggestions and requests they might have in order to do their job better.

According to OKEx Cryptocurrency exchange, the bitcoin security still has a lot of work to do in terms of security, because for the industry is important to operate a stable bitcoin trading platform and also secure bitcoin wallets. Lots of cryptography experts believe that the foundation of bitcoin cryptography is completely safe, however, OKEx is always improving its security system and they are currently sharing it openly and also they have a specific security design philosophy as much as a security design protocol. OKEx is basically the international counterpart to defunct Okcoin, company that ceased operations due to a Chinese government ban. Since then OKEx is growing, they believe that this will help lives, the company claimed that the worlds digital asset market has entered a whole new and improved development stage, so they will allocate this brand new capital in the most responsible way and always providing their customers of the best products and service innovations.

By the end of 2017, OKEx Cryptocurrency announced that they basically created the original cash market for coins, which gives users the opportunity to do trading against BCH minus any intermediary like ETH or BTC. This news is important because at that point OKEx ranks number 6 among cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of total trading volume. In some point, OKEx processed more than 1.3 billion in trades but is possible that the new trading pairs increase the number of bitcoin cash’s trading made by day which most of the time exceeds $1 billion.

OKEx has been announcing lots of important news including the creation of this first bitcoin cash market, for example, the company released a fiat to token platform and they mentioned that they are planning to be very supportive on new developments.

Crypto Trading: Bitfinex Exchange Review – The Bitfinex Cryptocurrency Exchange

To this day this is not a fully regulated broker in the way that other brokers are. This is due to the fact that the crypto market is still just getting started and there is a legal vacuum that is making this process harder to handle than some would expect. The truth is that this is not the kind of thing that should lead tone to thing that these are scams, but being cautious about the moves you decide to make will be extremely important in the coming years.

Is Bitfinex safe?

This is an exchange platform that is doing all it possible can to make sure that the transactions are going to be taking place properly at all times. The idea is to make the market trade experience as safe and efficient as possible, with all the regulation issues, it can be hard for the platforms to maintain a level of smooth sailing that allows them to continue to grow without issues. This particular broker has been involved in many scandals that have sent ripples through the cryptocurrency community in regards to the true value and the real expectations that people can have in regards to exchange sites. The truth is that they have to be commended as they actually refunded a lot of money that people lost when the site was hacked.

Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex discontinuing service for U.S. customers
Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex discontinuing service for U.S. customers

This is not always a friendly market and there are plenty of cyber criminals and hackers who are going to do all they can to steal information and transactions from people in these platforms. Any large hack attempt is going to send the company into a very slippery slope and this is the reasons why this particular exchange platform has been able to survive. They have experienced many of the most horrific scenario that any company can experience in this market and they have managed to survive.

Since November 2017 the platform Bitfinex does not accept clients from the United States and this is entirely due to the fact that there are regulations that clash with their polices and they want to avoid any legal issues.

How to get started

Bitfinex is not requiring any specific set fee for people to begin their exchange process. A minimum deposit seems to be the only requirement and then people can start to trade and exchange based on their available currency.

Advantages of Bitfinex

– This is a recognized broker

– They refunded their clients after being hacked

– Their trading system is very easy to use

– Their liquidity is pretty good

– Their leverage is optimal

Disadvantages of Bitfinex

– Commissions are pretty high for deposits and withdrawals

– They have limited ways for you to deposit and withdraw

– The process can take from 10 to 12 hours usually

– Other platforms, while very few, seem to be a more solid and regulated option

In conclusion, this is an exchange platform that you can use with a good level of security and without feeling like you are walking into a scam situation that will make you lose money.