What is Bitcoin Spread Betting? Cryptocurrency Spread Betting Explained

Bitcoin Spread Betting Possibly one of the easiest ways to have spread betting explained, is to use the analogy of the growth in cryptocurrency trading that we have seen in the last few years. Like the spot FX market,  spread betting is extremely simple, and takes seconds, and like all […]

Press Release: Bitfury Announces Financial Services Partnership with Final Frontier


Final Frontier to Offer Blockchain-Focused Products and Financial Services to Institutional Investors The Bitfury Group has acquired a substantial minority stake in Final Frontier, a financial services firm that specializes in the blockchain industry. Final Frontier was founded by a group of seasoned investment professionals with decades of experience in […]

INFOGRAPHIC: The Leading Crypto Kings – Crypto Kings Infographic

Crypto Kings Cryptocurrencies seem to be the latest trend in the online world. They are increasingly popular online payment method because of the anonymity and cutting out the middleman that they offer. Today, many people use digital currencies. Some of them, called crypto kings, even managed to make millions out […]

PrimeHolders Review – Easy Cryptocurrency Trading With PrimeHolders.com

Primeholders Cryptocurrencies have become the next big thing after Bitcoin’s surge in 2017 that changed the fortunes of a number of traders. After watching numerous traders benefit from their investment in Bitcoin, more and more traders have expressed their interest and desire to invest in cryptocurrencies. But, how to do […]

CoinCola Review: How to Buy and Sell Bitcoins in Venezuela

CoinCola Review Cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity across the world, especially after Bitcoin hit its historic peak of $20,000 last year. A large number of investors were able to make massive profits, which in turn attracted millions of new users. In addition, banks such as JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs are […]