Cantor Exchange Review: US Regulated Bitcoin Futures Trading on Cantor Exchange

Trade Bitcoin Swaps on Cantor Exchange – CFTC Regulated

Cantor Exchange is a CFTC approved designated contract market providing an expanding set of products

Bitcoin Contract Salient Features – Cantor Exchange

Cantor Exchange Website Screenshot
Cantor Exchange Website Screenshot

Cantor Exchange Review

Cantor Exchange was founded in 2010 and is one of only two Bitcoin Swaps firms based out of the US and regulated by the CFTC. Similar to NADEX, the Cantor Exchange is essentially a marketplace for buyers and sellers to wager against the future value of tradable assets using short-term expiry times.

Cantor Exchange Website Screenshot
Cantor Exchange Website Screenshot


Just like NADEX, the Cantor Exchange is technically not a broker, they simply act as intermediaries for traders. Cantor Exchange requires a minimum deposit of $100 to open a new account.

Their fees are relatively low compared to the traditional market-maker brokers, and at just $0.90 for opening and closing a contract, trading with Cantor Exchange is a legitimate money saver.

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Cantor Exchange offers contracts with end-of-day expiries in addition to multiple intraday expiration times. Right now, their only tradable cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. The one type of contract that Cantor Exchange offers that no other broker does, however, is the ability to wager on weather events, which is incredibly unique.

Traders can choose to wager whatever dollar amount they wish, from $1 to $1,000 bets, there’s no limits to how much traders can make using Cantor Exchange. 

CFTC Regulated
CFTC Regulated


A lot of traders have complained about the NADEX’s trading platform, but not with Cantor Exchange. Cantor Exchange uses one of the most popular trading platforms in the Bitcoin trading industry.

Because of their exchange traded style, combined with the simplicity of the Bitcoin Swaps platform, traders are able to cleanly see the expiry time, the number of contracts in play, a helpful risk to reward indicator, and a simple display of currently available strike points and their prices – all on a single screen.

Another nice feature of Cantor Exchange’s trading platform is a slippage control feature, which really sets this broker apart from the rest. In the upper right hand corner of the interface you can see this feature, which allows traders to set and control the amount of drawdown they’re willing to take on any specific contract, thereby severely limiting risk exposure.

In addition to this, Cantor Excahnge offers some binary options contracts that come with up to a 900% possible return on investment! Some of the highest returns in the industry.

CME, CBOE and Cantor pass hurdle in preparing derivatives on volatile cryptocurrency - | Financial Times Official Website
CME, CBOE and Cantor pass hurdle in preparing derivatives on volatile cryptocurrency – | Financial Times Official Website

Final Thoughts

Cantor Exchange is a regulated, honest Bitcoin Swaps firm that is quickly growing in popularity among global investors. Their easy to use interface, simple rules and terms, and excellent customer support team are only a few of the reasons why Bitcoin traders should choose Cantor Exchange as their next Bitcoin exchange. 

ICOs: Leonovus (Blockchain Hardened Secure Software Defined Storage) To Launch an Initial Coin Offering

OTTAWA, Dec. 21, 2017 /CNW/ – Leonovus Inc. (“Leonovus”) (TSXV: LTV) today announced its plans for an initial coin offering (“ICO”) in the summer of 2018 to support the launch of an advanced blockchain storage and compute solution with a marketplace for cloud applications.

#Leonovus in twitter -
#Leonovus in twitter –

Leonovus has invested over twenty million dollars in the development of distributed compute and distributed storage technology. With several granted patents, numerous patent claims and patents pending, the company’s unique software-defined storage (“SDS”) solution has strong intellectual property protection. The company is currently planning to hire specialized blockchain software development teams in both Ottawa and Toronto.

LeoNovus® Inc chooses Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Share and Sync
LeoNovus® Inc chooses Storage Made Easy Enterprise File Share and Sync

Unknown to many, Leonovus is not new to the blockchain world. Indeed, Leonovus was one of the first companies to marry Internet of Things (“IoT”) technology and blockchain. In August 2014, the company mined the cryptocurrency Litecoin from low-end distributed smart devices – digital light bulbs! In that same year, Leonovus demonstrated a production deployment of a managed, loosely-coupled, blockchain computation pool built from available idle compute resources in hotels. Our patented, Web Integrated Services Environment (“WISE”) Network, managed a compute pool that supported both public and private blockchain computation on thousands of low/no-cost computing cores across both the USA and Canada with only a few clicks of a mouse from a browser-based dashboard.

LeoNovus Case Study on
LeoNovus Case Study on

“Our vision is simple. Imagine a world where any device with connectivity, a processor, and some storage becomes part of a globally distributed computing platform – a global blockchain-based apps marketplace. Every consumer or business in the world could become a Leonovus blockchain farmer”,

Michael Gaffney, CEO, Leonovus Inc.

Blockchainer Leonovus (LTV.V) desperately wanted to be up today, but big seller pinned it down -
Blockchainer Leonovus (LTV.V) desperately wanted to be up today, but big seller pinned it down –

“Our research indicates that our core distributed storage and distributed compute technology is significantly ahead of other firms that have completed storage/compute ICO’s – some of these firms have raised hundreds of millions of dollars in their ICO. Moreover, our patented WISE network technology is unique. It is a patented foundation technology to build a global blockchain-based marketplace for developers wanting to design and deploy blockchain products and services – simply and rapidly. The potential for our blockchain-based apps marketplace is massive. The Leonovus ICO will provide the company with significant non-dilutive cash resources and is a powerful economic mechanism to incent storage and compute farmers as well as cryptocurrency app developers”.

Leonovus Reinforces its Enterprise Software Defined Storage Offering with Storage Made Easy File Fabric -
Leonovus Reinforces its Enterprise Software Defined Storage Offering with Storage Made Easy File Fabric –

“Our core business continues to be blockchain hardened ultra-secure distributed software-defined storage solutions for the enterprise. This ICO will add resources and a global pool of software verification, compute and storage farms that will make our core business even more attractive to enterprise customers”, said Gaffney.

Demo of Leonovus Object Storage using the Storage Made Easy File Fabric -
Demo of Leonovus Object Storage using the Storage Made Easy File Fabric –

The Leonovus blockchain storage and compute solution for enterprises, institutions and consumers will unlock a fantastic, never-before-realized amount of storage and computing power. The existing Leonovus product suite, with minimal augmentation, provides the foundation for an enterprise-class blockchain/distributed ledger technology (“DLT”). A Leonovus hybrid blockchain/DLT offers de-centralized storage and compute without the loss of centralized controls – no single point of failure.

Cryptocurrency Trading: 3 Things You Must Do to Be A Successful Bitcoin Trader

The inexperienced and undisciplined cryptocurrency trader is virtually guaranteed to lose money over the long term. But you don’t have to lose your money trading cryptocurrency. Here are three cryptocurrency trading tips that can help you protect your trading investments and maximize your profit potential.

  1. Understand Your Risk Tolerance

To understand the cryptocurrency markets, you need to know yourself as a trader. The first step towards understanding your own trading style is to know and define the amount of risk you can afford and are willing to take. How much are you willing to put on the line in a cryptocurrency trading account? For each trade you place? Use financial milestones to help guide you in defining your risk tolerance.

  1. Create Goals, Stick to a Plan of Action

After having a better understanding on the type of trader you want to be, you need goals, and with goals, a plan of action. For defining goals, ask yourself what you consider to be elements of successful cryptocurrency trading. Whether the goals are financial or developmental, think about the steps a professional cryptocurrency trader took to get where he or she is at today.

For creating a plan of action to reach long and short term goals, you need to know how much time studying and trading you’re capable of putting in on a daily and weekly basis. How much time and money can you allocate to a trading education? These and similar questions will help you uncover the path you need to take in order to become a consistently profitable cryptocurrency trader.

  1. Choose A Reliable Cryptocurrency Broker

Professional cryptocurrency traders use reliable, trustworthy brokers. Choosing a cryptocurrency broker who is regulated, well-maintained and has happy clients to back of the fact is something that’s often ignored by beginning cryptocurrency traders. Untrustworthy brokers who use shady business practices can do the following:

  • Refuse to fulfill a withdraw request.
  • Manipulate the given price of a currency pair in their favor.
  • Use your credit card and personal information against you.

These types of cryptocurrency brokers can conduct a variety of other scam-like practices. In fact, some brokers are completely fake, and are only there to steal money and sell personal information. This is why using a trusted cryptocurrency broker is imperative to your overall success as a trader.

Honest Cryptocurrency Trading Broker Review

Honest Review is an international Cryptocurrency broker formed in 2006. They are licensed and regulated by the CySEC in Cyprus, as well as by the European market regulator, MiFID. In 2012 received the “Best Customer Service 2012” award at the London Investor Forex Show. They are also advertising partners with the economic news powerhouse,, and have had partnerships with Arsenal F.C. football club. Here are some of the key features and attributes that help make a globally renowned Cryptocurrency trading broker.

Accounts and Features

It only takes a $100 deposit to create an account at, where they offer generously tight spreads and up to 5:1 leverage. Their trad-able assets include almost all types of major Cryptocurrency. Also, in total, has over 1,900 tradable CFD’s across all assets. One feature make makes stand out is their commission-free trading, and not only that, no fees! Typically when a broker offers zero commission trading, they have to compensate by having huge price spreads. But not, whose spreads average around 1.7 pips for major cryptocurrency pairs. leverage structure is as follows:

  • Cryptocurrency 1:5
  • Forex – 200:1
  • Commodities – 100:1
  • Stocks – 20:1

With this type of leverage, a deposit of $5,000 can allow traders to hold trading positions worth $25,000.

Platforms offers 3 different trading platform options. This includes desktop, mobile or tablet trading platform. Each platform comes with its own benefits. The globally popular Meta Trader 4 differs from its Multi-Terminal counterpart in that the Multi-Terminal version makes it much easier to monitor and execute multiple trades at once, which is perfect for scalpers and intraday traders. Sirix Web Trader is a web-based trading platform that, unlike many trading platforms, utilizes the simplicity of HTML5 coding, which makes the platform lightweight, easy to navigate, straightforward, and never experiences lag time. Sirix is a simple trading platform that serves as the perfect alternative to bulkier trading systems. The Market Mobile Trader platform is the perfect way to manage and execute trades on the go. Built for iOS and Android phones, this trading app is comes with up to 20 different technical indicators, has a clean interface, and all-in-all is a much easier way to see what’s going on in the financial markets while you’re in your car, office, or lounging on the beach.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Trading: All About Day Trading Cryptocurrency

In short, day trading cryptocurrency is defined as buying or short selling a cryptocurrency, and then closing that position within a single trading day, usually within a matter of minutes or a few hours.

Typically, cryptocurrency day traders use leverage and short-term strategies to capitalize on smaller price movements in highly liquid assets, such as with a trending cryptocurrency or volatile cryptocurrency pair.


Character Traits of Day Traders

While popular, day trading is not a great investment approach for everyone. Day trading is more complex than gambling, and investors who make a living day trading cryptocurrency possess certain characteristics.

To make day trading cryptocurrency work for you, consider the following.

  • Don’t trade without a solid understanding of market fundamentals. For example, what makes a coin value rise or fall in both short and long periods of time? What market indicators impacts the coins’s specific industry?
  • Trade with a suitable amount of capital that you can afford to lose. Large amounts of money, or shares, are usually needed to generate a large profit on a single trade.
  • Don’t risk money without a strategy. To get an edge and profit, you’ll need something that sets you apart from the regular Joe’s. Are you a news trader or stick strictly to on-chart technical analysis? How do you know where to place stop loss and take profit levels while minimizing risk and maximizing growth?

What You Need to Day Trade Cryptocurrency

To make day trading a successful long-term investment, you’ll need outside services and tools. Here’s a quick list to get you started.

  • Multiple News Services – Even if you’re not a news trader, it’s important to keep tabs on the financial markets. Information is power, and many day trading opportunities can be found in the news, which has a psychological impact on investors and with it, the value of a cryptocurrency.
  • Cutting-Edge Software – Traders may need specific pieces of trading software for a variety of reasons. A pattern-based trader might need pattern recognition software, while other high-volume traders might be better suited to algorithms or proprietary systems. Backtesting tools are also necessary.

Without day traders, the cryptocurrency market would be less liquid and there would be less opportunities.

Retail and institutional day traders play a vital role in keeping a healthy global financial system.

Crowdfunding: Indiegogo Will Support Initial Coin Offerings On Their New Platform

Indiegogo is a popular crowdfunding platform known throughout the world as a big competitor of kick-starter in the crowdfunding world. Indiegogo announced a few days ago, about the fact that it plans to enter the world of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings (ICOs) starting now. Indiegogo, starting now, supports digital token sales (known as ICOs) that are in compliance with the USA SEC guidelines. Not many ICOs can say that they comply with SEC guidelines and most websites that market and / or support ICOs can not say that all of their ICOs comply with SEC guidelines. this means in fact that the Indiegogo supported ICOs can and will be seen as the highest quality and trustworthy projects, which will quickly make Indiegogo a leader in the industry.

Read about it - Russian Burger Kings Launches ‘Whoppercoins’ Cryptocurrency
Read about it – Russian Burger Kings Launches ‘Whoppercoins’ Cryptocurrency

The worldwide initial coin offering and digital token sale economy has surpassed $3.6 billion in recent years and is a big opportunity for crowdfunding platforms and websites, they all want in and Indiegogo wants in too. But many ICOs are low quality or even scams, Indiegogo plans to help customers and crypto enthusiasts sort through the junk ICOs by only supporting quality ones! This is big news in the crypto world as most websites and portals that vet ICOs hardly do any screening at all.

Many ICOs are low quality or even scams
Many ICOs are low quality or even scams

The crowdfunding website plans of helping to win investor and market trust in quality ICOs. Indiegogo has an approach of making public initial coin offerings better, meaning that only vetted ICOs that are compliant with US regulations will be supported on their website.

Read about it - Pros and Cons of the Top 4 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms for 2017-2018
Read about it – Pros and Cons of the Top 4 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms for 2017-2018

The first ICO on their platform is for the “Fan-Controlled Football League,” which will supposedly be using the blockchain. The “Fan-Controlled Football League” boasts a minimum investment of $500 for quality VIP investors only and has already sold $2 million worth in tokens.

Fan-Controlled Football League ICO
Fan-Controlled Football League ICO

It is apparent that Indiegogo believes in the future of ICOs getting even bigger than they are right now, and the reality is that initial coin offerings have become the #1 disruptive tool in the past couple of years, but at the same time regulators and many people are saying that ICOs are full of scams and fraud.

Everyone is using this word!
Everyone is using this word!

Many countries such as Vietnam and China have even banned ICOs altogether. They are afraid of money leaving the country, money laundering and customers from their country being scammed, China has even made attempts to exit the entire crypto trading market as a whole. In Pakistan and India people have gone to jail just for trading in Bitcoins but at the same time because of low electricity costs many Indians are now mining massive amounts of Bitcoins and making a fortune.

Bitcoin mining in India
Bitcoin mining in India

A spokesperson of an Indiegogo competitor, Kickstarter, has stated that Kickstarter will not be supporting token sales because it does not want to be associated with these kinds of projects.

Cryptocurrency legality
“Kickstarter” has cryptocurrency legality and morality issues
Buy ICO With Credit Card

For the Noobs: Why You Should Only Buy Cryptocurrency With a Major Credit Card

In this post we will be explaining why we think you should only buy cryptocurrency with a major credit card such as Visa or Mastercard when first entering the crypto markets. This post is especially for the noobs out there that have never bought any cryptocurrency before and feel that they are missing out. Remember that people like you can be easily lured into a crypto scam and you will want to keep reading this post to learn more.

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Buy Cryptocurency With Credit Card

Initial Coin Offering Scams

You know that bill that you get every month, it’s probably around $5 or $10 and it comes out of your account miraculously for no apparent reason and is billed to you by the bank just for being the owner of a Visa or Mastercard? Well there is a reason you are making that extra payment each and every month. It’s called insurance. Your major credit card is insured, unlike a debit card or a pre-paid or gift card, you major credit card is insured and if you get scammed you can report the scam to your credit card company and they will help you. You can ask for what is called a “chargeback” and even speak with the fraud team at your local bank.

Remember that cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings especially are still the wild west. If you have a few Bitcoin or Ethereum and use them to buy a new sort of token that someone is selling through an ICO and that ICO turns out to be a scam, you have no way of filing a chargeback and you will most definitely never get back your precious cryptos. This is why when you are trying to buy into an ICO, no matter how trustworthy it seems to be, you should do so with a major credit card, so that you will have the option to file a chargeback. Your payment is insured in case of fraud!

Also if you are purchasing a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ethereum at an online exchange or website, do so only with a major credit card. Anyone can open a website that claims to sell Bitcoins and anyone can open an Exchange within a matter of minutes, claiming to be an exchange. Even the most popular Exchanges have had their fair share of fraud and scam allegations – so no matter what you do make sure you are using a major credit card such as Visa or mastercard and never ever use a gift card or pre-paid credit card for buying cryptocurrency, that is just asking for trouble!

How To File For A Chargeback

If you feel that you may have been scammed or defrauded by a crypto vendor or exchange, remember that you will have 60 days to file a chargeback. If you think there might be fraud or a scam going in it will also help you with the chargeback if you make a complaint, call your bank and ask for the fraud department, tell them you think you have been scammed by a cryptocurrency online vendor or by an ICO and they will know what to do to help you with the chargeback. Remember in most cases you will have only 60 days or even less to file a chargeback so you have to act fast if you think you have been scammed.

Regulation in India: Bitcoin Regulation Is Essential for Legitimacy in India

A popular economist from India believes that bitcoin regulation is essential so that it can turn into a legitimate currency in the state. Dr. S.P. Sharma Ph.D, Chamber of Commerce and Industry chief economist, spoke to the Economic Times (Indian business daily) and wondered how possible it was for bitcoin to turn into a regular legal currency without regulation and supervision.

India’s economy is developing fast and India is fast adapting digital payments as a section of a cashless venture initiated by the central state. This started the previous year with the exceptional cash prohibition. There is a noticeable development of the local bitcoin industry within a general rise in knowledge and embracement of the cryptocurrency in the last few years, in spite of the absence of a ‘legal’ standing in the state.

But, it is evident that bitcoin is not unlawful either. ‘It is just to state that presently, the cryptocurrency is not unlawful nor lawful in India,’ said Dr. Sharma. He also said that ‘Unless there are correct and total regulation and supervision of cryptocurrency by a strong institution, I do not think bitcoin will turn into a legal Indian currency.’ Presently, authorities in India are making efforts to obtain a regulatory and lawful future for cryptocurrencies. At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Finance in India confirmed the creation of a ‘virtual currency committee,’ whose role is to recommend a structure for bitcoin as well as different digital currencies.

The committee meets representatives from numerous state ministries such as the state’s taxation authority together with the ones from the central bank.

Below is the work of the committee:

  • Assessing the current condition of Virtual Currencies in India and worldwide.
  • Checking the present worldwide regulatory and legal organizations leading Virtual Currencies.
  • Propose steps to deal with Virtual Currencies like these such as matters connected to consumer security, cash embezzlement, etc. and
  • Go through any other issue connected to Virtual Currencies that might be important.

The theoretical result will possibly see the regulation of the local bitcoin by Indian authorities with slim prospects of a prohibition. Regulation of the sector will also possibly correspond with bitcoin adopters taxation in the overall public.