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Pros and Cons of the Top 4 Best Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms for 2018

Cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms allow users from around the world to exchange their fiat dollars, such as USD, EUR, JPY, etc., for cryptocurrency tokens. Exchanges can also be used to trade one cryptocurrency for another. The best cryptocurrency exchanges are able to bring a new level of innovation that the traditional financial system has not […]

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Cryptocurrency Regulation

Regulation: Six Methods of Regulating Cryptocurrency Without Eliminating It

Cryptocurrency Regulation Ideas Blockchains and cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere; therefore, it is very crucial for governments to regulate it appropriately. Below are six steps the UK government can take to shield consumers without repressing innovation: 1. Settle the taxes Without a token, blockchains do not function and tokens should be transacted in fiat as […]

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Cryptocurrency Trading: 3 Things You Must Do to Be A Successful Bitcoin Trader

The inexperienced and undisciplined cryptocurrency trader is virtually guaranteed to lose money over the long term. But you don’t have to lose your money trading cryptocurrency. Here are three cryptocurrency trading tips that can help you protect your trading investments and maximize your profit potential. Understand Your Risk Tolerance To understand the cryptocurrency markets, you […]

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Cryptocurrency FAQ: Where Can I Spend My Cryptocurrency?

This article was originally posted on by jordangonen on Nov 9, 2017. Where you can spend your cryptocurrency? One of the big gray areas around crypto, especially for outsiders and newbies to the space, is the looming question of where can you spend your currency? Once you own some bitcoin / ethereum…what do you actually do with it? And […]

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Cryptocurrency Wallets: Ledger Might Just Be The Leader In Hardware Crypto Wallets

This article was originally posted on by Romain Dillet on January 18th, 2018 Ledger raises another $75 million to become the leader in cryptocurrency hardware wallets Ledger just raised an impressive Series B round of $75 million (€61 million), led by Draper Esprit. The startup already raised a $7 million round last year. But the cryptocurrency […]