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How to Have a Perfect Trading Experience – Find Out in This Kodimax Review

Kodimax Review Today’s generation wants to find new ways to make money. Regular jobs and part time odd jobs are not the only ways to earn extra income. To achieve the financial stability that you dream of, you have to aim high, and trading is one of the methods available

AvaTrade Review: How AvaTrade Takes Cryptocurrency Trading to the Next Level

AvaTrade Review Cryptocurrency exchanges lost their trust when a lot of them were hacked and the investors got nothing more than condolences. They never got their money back and this made other aspiring investors to avoid the cryptocurrency exchanges. However, you could not just sit down and do nothing if

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Cryptopia Market Paused and Then Hacked – Was This a Scam or a Hack?

Cryptopia Hack – Putting The Pieces Together Cryptopia Market Paused Beginning around January 5th traders began to have problems making transactions of the Cryptopia exchange. This impacted the BTC, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies and Cryptopia later tweeted on January 8th “Our BTC Wallet is now back to normal. Thank you

Facebook Crypto Scams: Regulators and Facebook are Warning About Online Crypto Scams

Facebook and regulators move to halt cryptocurrency scams Social network says it will ban all bitcoin and initial coin offering advertising. Facebook has banned all advertisements for cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, after it decided too many of them were being used to mislead or deceive potential customers. Its action came the same

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Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are all the buzz right now and for no small reason, many experts say that blockchain and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Monero are the future and we have seen hundreds of new Ethereum projects and tokens starting up on an daily basis in the past year or so. But what exactly is a blockchain and what are cryptocurrencies? On our website you can read all about it and learn everything you want to know about cryptocurrency and blockchains technology. The crypto revolution is slowly happening and like many revolutions it is slowly but surely growing into a monster that will likely govern many parts of our daily lives in the near future.

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